“I wager twenty thousand pounds that I shall go around the earth in eighty days or less." Thus on an October evening, 1872, Phileas Fogg made a bet with his companions in the London Reform Club. And the English gentleman thereupon departed with his servant Passepartout! Many are the dangers which await them on their road, taking them through India, China, and the United States ... Throughout this extraordinary journey, Jules Verne, the great visionary writer (1828-1905), entrances us with a tale full of obstacles and surprises. The Cornish edition has been abridged for young readers. The translator, Kaspar Hocking, was born in January 1913 in London, and retired to Polwhevral in 1969. He was Chairman of Agan Tavas, 1996-1998.

"My a vynn gwystla ugans mil a bunsow my dhe viajya adro dhe'n bÿs in peswar ugans dëdh bò le." Indella unn gordhuwher in mis Hedra, 1872, Phileas Fogg a genwystlas gans y gowetha i'n Reform Club, Loundres. Ha gans henna an Sows jentyl a dhepartyas ha’y servont Passepartout warbarth! Yma lies peryl orth aga gortos wàr an fordh dres Eynda, Chîna ha’n Stâtys Unnys ... Yma Jules Verne, an screfor brâs (1828-1905), meur y hanow hag efan y dhesmygyans, orth agan rafsya der oll an viaj coynt-ma gans whedhel lenwys a ancombrynsy hag a wharvosow heb gwetyas. An veryson Kernowek yw cot’hës rag redyoryon yonk. Genys veu Kaspar Hocking, trailyor a'n lyver-ma, in Loundres mis Genver 1913; ev a omdennas dhe Bolwhevrer in 1969. Ev o Caderyor Agan Tavas, 1996-1998.

Published by Evertype 2009