This is the first translation of the entire Bible to be published in Cornish. The translator is Professor Nicholas Williams, the foremost present-day translator into the language. The first draft of his translation was based on the original languages together with a collation of several other versions. Next the translation was reviewed by a number of competent Cornish speakers, whose comments helped improve the readability of the work. Thereafter the translator searched the Middle and Late Cornish texts -- miracle plays, homilies, and portions of scripture, to find all those passages where native Cornish renderings could be used in the translation. Such passages by speakers of traditional Cornish have been incorporated throughout this Cornish Bible, adding to its authenticity. And wherever possible personal and geographical names have been used as they are attested in traditional Cornish. The volume contains ten maps, in which all the place-names appear in Cornish form.

Hèm yw an kensa trailyans a'n hol Veybel dhe vos dyllys in Kernowek. Trailys yw gans an Pendescador Nicholas Williams, an trailyor dhe Gernowek neb yw moyha y hanow i'n present termyn. An kenscrif a’n trailyans a veu growndys wàr an yêthow gwredhek, hag y feu comparys gans versyons erel. Wosa hedna an scrif a veu rës dhe Gernowegoryon dhâ, neb a gomendyas lower amendyans, hag indella gwil an trailyans êsya dhe redya. Nena an trailyor a sarchyas der oll an textow in Kernowek Cres hag in Kernowek Adhewedhes – gwariow merkyl, homylys, ha darnow mes a'n scryptour – rag cafos devydnow a'n Beybel in Kernowek teythiak a alsa bos ûsys i'n trailyans y honen. Darnow a'n par-na in mes a'n textow re beu gorrys in kenyver tyller possybyl dres an Beybel, hag ymowns y ow qwil an trailyans dhe voy warrantus. Mar bell dell yll bos, henwyn personek ha henwyn tyleryow i'n trailyans-ma yw an henwyn poran a gefyr i'n textow tradycyonal. Yma deg mappa i'n lyver, mayth usy oll an henwyn warnodhans in form Gernowek.

Published by Evertype 2011