Watch out... the Beast is about! This story for young readers is based on the mysterious legend of the Beast of Bodmin Moor. The acclaimed Cornish writer Alan M. Kent tells the charming tale of how a big cat came to wander the wild landscape of Cornwall. Filled with delight and wonder, this is a tale to enrich the imagination and stay long in the memory. The illustrations are by Gabrielle Cailes, an artist who knows Cornwall intimately. With wonderful spirit, colour, and energy, writer and illustrator capture the detail of the story and its thrilling sense of place. The tale is presented bilingually with a vibrant modern translation into Cornish by Neil Kennedy.

Kebmer with… ’ma an Best et agan kerhyn! An daralla nowyth-ma a veu screfys rag redoryon yonk wàr sel a’n whedhel kevrînek a Vest Goon Brèn. Yma an screfor gormelys a Gernow, Alan M. Kent, ow terivas dhyn fatla wrug cath vrâs dos ha gwandra in pow gwyls Kernow. Ot obma daralla yw leun a dhelît ha marth, a vedn cressya agan awen ha trega pell et agan covyon. An pyctours a veu gwrës gen an artyst Gabrielle Cailes neb a ajwon pùb part a Gernow. Leun yw an pyctours a spyrys, a lyw, hag a fors, hag ymowns y, screfor ha lymnores, ow portreya wharvosow an whedhel in kenyver poynt hag ow cachya an sens glew a blâss a gefyr ino. Presentys yw an whedhel i’n dhew davas gen trailyans bewek i’n Kernowek a’n eur-ma a veu screfys gen Neil Kennedy.

Published by Evertype 2011