When solicitor’s clerk Jonathan Harker visits Transylvania to assist Count Dracula with the purchase of his London house, he discovers more about his client and his castle than he might wish ... Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, originally titled ‘The Un-Dead’, was first published in 1897. It has had a pro­found influence on world literature. It has enjoyed enormous popularity since its publication and is singu­larly responsible for spawning an extraordinary vampire sub-culture in the second half of the twentieth century. Over a thousand novels and hundreds of films feature Dracula or other vampires, not to mention the countless cartoons, comics and tele­vision programmes which were ultimately inspired by Stoker’s work. This edition includes the short story “Dracula’s Guest”, which was published in 1914 by Stoker’s widow, Florence. She said of the story: “It was originally excised owing to the length of the book, and may prove of interest to the many readers of what is considered my husband’s most remarkable work.” Abraham “Bram” Stoker was born in Clontarf in Dublin on 8 November 1847 and died in London on 20 April 1912. He was an Irish novelist and short story writer, who worked as the personal assistant of actor Henry Irving and as business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, which Irving owned. Mathew Staunton is a printing historian from Dublin and proprietor of The Onslaught Press. He produced the illustrations for this edition on his press in Oxford.

Pàn wrella Jonathan Harker, scrifwas laghyas, vysytya Transylvânya may halla ev gweres dhe Gont Dracùla ow perna chy in Loundres, yma va ow tyscudha moy adro dh’y glient ha’y gastel ès dell usy ev whensys dhe wodhvos ... Yth o ‘An Anvarow’ gwredhek tîtel novel classyk Bram Stoker Dracùla, neb a veu dyllys rag an kensa prës i’n vledhen 1897. Down re beu y awedhyans wàr lien an bÿs. An lyver re beu kerys yn frâs dres ehen abàn veu pùblyshys ha’n whedhel y honen oll re spêdyas dhe dhenethy cùltùr cudh coynt i’n secùnd hanter a’n ugansves cansvledhen. Yth yw Dracùla pò vampîryow erel dhe weles in moy ès mil novel hag in cansow a fylmys, heb gwil mencyon a’n cartouns, a’n jornals skethed­now hag a’n towlednow pellwolok a veu inspîrys gans scrif Stoker. Yma Ôstyas Dracùla pryntys awoles, whedhel cot neb a veu dyllys i’n vledhen 1914 gans Florence, gwedhowes Stoker. Hy a leverys adro dhe’n whedhel: “Y feuva trehys in mes a’n lyver drefen an lyver dhe vos re hir, saw martesen y fëdh a les dhe lies redyor a’n ober moyha marthys a’m gour.” Y feu Abraham “Bram” Stoker genys in Clontarf, Dulyn an êthves dëdh a vis Du 1847 hag ev a veu marow in Loundres an 20ans dëdh Ebrel 1912. Novelyth ha screfor a whedhlow cot o va, neb a servyas avell gweresor personek an gwarior Henry Irving, hag avell menystror negys an Lyceùm, Loundres, gwaryjy o Irving an perhen anodho. Mathew Staunton dhyworth Dulyn yw istoryan a bryntyans ha perhen The Onslaught Press. Ev a brovias wàr y wask in Rësohen an lînyansow rag an dyllans-ma.

Published by Evertype 2016