“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest –

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”


“Pymthek den wàr gofyr den marow –

Yô-hô-hô, ha botel dowr tobm!”

It was in 1880 and 1881 that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island, beginning it at Braemar in Scotland, where his father aided him with suggestions from his own seafaring experiences. It was finished in the course of his second visit to Davos in the winter of 1881-1882. Treasure Island, appearing when the author was 31 years old, was his first long romance, and it brought to him his first taste of popular success when the story was published in book form. IThe story began to appear in October 1881 as a serial in an English magazine called Young Folks. The title then was "The Sea Cook, or Treasure Island", but when published in book form in May 1883 it was simply Treasure Island, a name which has taken its place among the titles of far older classics. This edition contains the superb illustrations of Louis Rhead, which he published in 1915.

Y feu screfys Enys Tresour gans Robert Louis Stevenson i'n bledhynyow 1880 hag 1881. Dalethys veu in Braemar in Scotlond, le may whrug y das gwil gweres dhodho gans y brevyans y honen a vêwnans in gorholyon. Gorfednys veu an novel pàn esa Stevenson in Davos rag an secùnd treveth in gwâv an vledhen 1881-1882. Enys Tresour, neb a dheuth in mes pàn o an auctour 31 bloodh, o y kensa romans hir, ha pàn veu an lyver dyllys avell lyver Stevenson a recêvas dredho rag an kensa prës sowena in lagasow an bobel. An whedhel-ma a dhalathas apperya in mis Hedra 1881 i'n lyver termyn Sowsnek gelwys Young Folks. I'n termyn-na "Cog an Mor, bò Enys Tresour" o an tîtel, saw pàn veu dyllys avell lyver in mis Mê 1883 ev o Enys Tresour yn udnyk, ha'n hanow-na a gemeras y le in mesk tîtlys a lyvrow classyk liesgweyth cotha. Y fëdh gwelys i'n lyver-ma delînyansow bryntyn Louis Rhead, a veu dyllys i'n vledhen 1915.

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