“They were not railway children to begin with ...”

“Nyns êns y flehes a’n hens horn wostallath ...”

When their father is taken away under mysterious circumstances, Roberta, Peter, Phyllis, and their mother must leave their house in London to live in a small cottage in the country. Their house, called “The Three Chimneys”, stands not far from a railway track, where the three have a number of adventures. They are befriended by the Station Master and Perks the Porter, and run each day down to the railway track to wave at the passing train for London, sending their love to their father. Unknown to them, a kindly “Old Gentleman” who waves to them every day from the train helps them to solve the mystery of their father’s disappearance. This classic tale by Edith Nesbit has the original illustrations by C.E. Brock.

Pàn yw aga thas kemerys dhywortans in cyrcùmstancys kevrînek, res yw dhe’n flehes, Roberta, Peder, Fylys, ha dh’aga mabm gasa aga henkyth in Loundres ha trega in chy bian in mes i’n pow. Nyns yw an chy-na, Try Chymbla y hanow, pell dhyworth an hens horn, le mayth usy an flehes ow cafos lies aventur. Mêster an Gorsaf ha’n Porthor Perks a vëdh aga hothmans kefrës. Yma an flehes ow ponya pùb dëdh dhe lînen an hens horn wàr nans rag swaysya aga dêwla orth an train dhe Loundres, hag indelma danvon aga herensa dhe Dasyk. Yma “Den Jentyl Coth”, caradow y nas, ow swaysya y dhorn ortans pùb jorna dhywar an train, ha heb aga godhvos yma va worth aga gweres owth assoylya a’n mystery brâs: prag y whrug aga thas dyberth dhywortans. Edith Nesbit a screfas an whedhel classyk-ma, usy an delînyansow gwredhek gans C.E. Brock kefys ino.

Published by Evertype 2012