Onen a’n novelys moyha aga hanow in lien an bÿs

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

"Yth yw gwrioneth aswonys gans pùbonen, mars eus fortyn brâs gans den heb demedhy, yma otham dhodho a wreg."

Pride and Prejudice, the best known of Jane Austen's six novels, was first published in 1813. It is highly regarded for the acute description of its characters and because of its ironic style. The novel tells how Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr Darcy and takes an immediate dislike to him. In the course of the story her attitude to him gradually changes and in the end she realizes both that her family is greatly indebted to him and that she herself admires and loves him for his goodness, his generosity and his constancy. There are many more notable characters in the novel, in particular beautiful and affectionate Jane, Elizabeth's older sister; Mrs Bennet, their foolish mother; and their wild and unruly younger sister Lydia. The other memorable actors in the story include gentle and amiable Mr Bingley; Mr Wickam, the plausible scoundrel; William Collins, the ridiculous clergyman; and his appalling patronness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Yth yw Gooth ha Gowvreus an gwella aswonys a whegh novel Jane Austen hag y feu va dyllys in Sowsnek kyns oll i'n vledhen 1813. Talvejys brâs yw an whedhel-ma dre rêson a'n pyctour glew usy ev ow ry a'n bobel ino hag inwedh awos y narracyon gesedhus. Yma an novel ow terivas fatell wrug Elisabet Benet metya gans Mêster Darcy rag an kensa prës hag ev dystowgh dhe vos cas gensy. In folednow an lyver yma hy thybyansow in y gever ow chaunjya tabm ha tabm, ha wàr an dyweth egerys yw dhedhy hy theylu dhe vos in kendon vrâs dhodho ha hy hy honen dh'y estêmya ha'y gara dre rêson a'y dhader, y larjes ha'y lendury. Yma lies caracter nôtabyl i'n lyver inwedh, Jane sêmly ha hegar, whor gotha Elisabet; Mêstres Benet aga mabm wocky; ha Lydya wyls ha dygabester, aga whor yonca. In mesk persons hegof erel an whedhel y hyller campolla Mêster Bingly jentyl ha caradow; Mêster Wyckam, sherewa teg y semlant; Wyllyam Collins an pronter wharthus fol; ha'y batrones dhyscortes ha casadow, Arlodhes Catheryn de Bourgh.

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