Sir Charles Baskerville, a Devon landowner, has died suddenly, apparently from the fright given him by an enormous fearsome dog. Some of the local people believe an old legend according to which the dog is not an earthly animal, but rather a supernatural hell-hound which inhabits the area’s lonely dangerous moor and has haunted the Baskervilles for generations. It’s up to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to show what the true nature of the hound is, while seeing to it that no harm comes to Sir Henry Baskerville, Sir Charles’ nephew and heir, who has come to live in Baskerville Hall and claim his inheritance. Many commentators consider that The Hound of the Baskervilles is the best of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Syr Charles Baskerville, perhen tiryow in Pow Densher, yw ledhys yn sodyn der own a gemeras ev, dell hevel, a gy uthyk ha brâs dres ehen. Yma radn a bobel an pow ader dro ow cresy henwhedhel ow tùchya an keth ky-na. Warlergh an whedhel coth nyns yw an ky best vëth a’n bës-ma, saw ky iffarnak gornatùral, usy tregys wàr hal beryllys ha dygoweth an còstys-na hag usy ow trobla teylu Baskerville dres lies bledhen. Syr Henry Baskerville, noy hag er Syr Charles, yw devedhys dhe Hel Baskerville rag kemeres posessyon a’y erytans. Sherlock Holmes ha’n Doctour Watson a’s teves an devar a dhysqwedhes pëth yw an ky in gwiryoneth hag i’n kettermyn gwetha Syr Charles dhyworth drog. Yma lies crytycor ow consydra Ky Teylu Basker­ville dhe vos an whedhel gwella a whedhlow Sherlock Holmes.

Published by Evertype 2012