The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is L. Frank Baum's story of a little girl named Dorothy who is carried by a tornado, with her dog Toto, from Kansas to the strange and beautiful land of Oz. Here she decides to visit the Emerald City, to ask its ruler, a wizard called Oz, to send her back home again. On the way she meets a Scarecrow, who is in search of brains; a Tin Woodman, who wishes to have a heart; and a Cowardly Lion, whose one desire is to possess courage. The little party encounters many dangers and marvellous adventures on the way, but reaches the Emerald City in safety, their success due to the thoughtfulness of the Scarecrow, the tender care of the Tin Woodman, and the fearlessness of the Cowardly Lion. This is the book that inspired the famous 1939 film – which differs from the original book in quite a few ways! This full-colour book contains the original illustrations by William Wallace Denslow, scanned from copies of the first edition. There are 24 colour plates and 150 text illustrations, many localized into the Cornish language. The book has been typeset in a fashion similar to the first edition, with some typographic improvements for the modern reader.

Yth yw Pystrior Marthys Pow Òz whedhel gans L. Frank Baum ow tùchya mowes vian Dorothy yw scubys dre gorwyns warbarth, ha’y hy Tôtô gensy, in mes a Kansas bys in Òz, pow stranj ha sêmly. Pàn vo hy ena yma hy owth ervira travalya dhe Cyta an Emerôs, may halla hy govyn orth rêwlyas an pow, Pystrior henwys Òz, dh’y gorra tre arta. Yma hy ow metya i’n fordh Bùcka Bryny, usy ow whelas empydnyon, Forstor Stênys usy ow tesîrya colon, ha Lion ownek neb yw whansek dhe gafos coraj. Kynth usy an bagas bian ow tâstya meur a berylyow hag ow cafos lies aventur coynt, ymowns y ow soweny wàr an dyweth dhe dhrehedhes Cyta an Emerôs yn salow, dre rêson a skentoleth an Bùcka Bryny, kerensa guv an Forstor Stênys, ha fara diown an Lion. Yth o an lyver-ma neb a inspîryas fylm gerys brâs an vledhen 1939, kyn nag yw haval in pùb poynt an lyver ha’n fylm an eyl dh’y gela! Yma lînyansow gwredhek William Wallace Denslow dhe weles i’n trailyans leunlywys ha gorlanwesek-ma. Yma 24 plâta lywys i’n lyver ha 150 delînyans text; hag y feu radn a’n re-na desedhys dhe acordya poran gans an trailyans Kernowek. Yth yw olsettyans an lyver kepar ha’n kensa dyllans Sowsnek, kynth yw amendys olsettyans an lyver-ma in nebes tyleryow rag comodyta redyoryon agan dedhyow ny.

Published by Evertype 2017