The author and his two friends, George and Harris, agree that they have been working too hard and that their health in consequence is suffering. The three young men decide therefore to take a boating holiday on the Thames, starting at Kingston and ending in Oxford. They take Montmorency, their pet terrier, with them. The book recounts their adventures and mishaps on the trip and is punctuated by numerous hilarious passages: being trapped in Hampton Court Maze, the unreliabilty of barometers, and the problems involved in learning to play the bagpipes. Three Men in a Boat was first published in 1889. The English original has never been out of print – a remarkable testimony to its popularity.

Yth yw an screfor ha'y dhew gothman, Jory ha Harrys, acordys anjy dhe vos ow lavurya re grev i'n dedhyow dewetha hag indella aga yêhes dhe sùffra. Yma an tredden yonk ytho owth ervira kemeres degolyow in scath wàr Dhowr Tamys, ow tallath dhyworth Kyngston hag ow mos bys in Rësohen. Ymowns y ow kemeres Montmorency, aga broghky, gansans warbarth. Yma acownt rës i'n lyver a'ga aventurs hag a'ga droglabmow wàr an trumach. Yth yw kefys ino inwedh lies whedhel wharthus: ow tùchya bos prysonys in kerdroya Lës Hampton, andhiogeleth barometrow ha'n problemow usy ow pertainya dhe dhesky an pîbow sagh. Y feu Tredden in Scath dyllys rag an kensa prës i'n vledhen 1889. Nyns êth an mabmdext Sowsnek bythqweth mes a brynt dhia'n termyn-na – dùstuny apert a'y vos meurgerys gans pùb henath.

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