A story for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 7

This story is an extension of the story Yma Peternel ow cùsca

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

06:00 Yma Davyth ow cùsca. Yma ev ow cùsca i’n gwely.

06:30 Yma Davyth ow cùsca.

07.45 Yma Davyth ow cùsca whath.

08:15 Yma Davyth owth eva coffy hag ow tianowy.

08:30 Yma Davyth ow ponya. Yma ev ow ponya dhe’n scol.

09:30 Yma Davyth ow redya. Yma ev ow redya comyck in dadn gel i’n class Sowsnek.

10:30 Yma Davyth ow tebry choclet.

12:30 Yma Davyth ow tebry ly.

14:00 Yma Davyth ow qwary pel droos.

16:00 Yma Davyth ow tos tre.

17:00 Yma Davyth ow mos dhe’n treth. Yma ev ow mordardha.

19:00 Yma Davyth ow tebry soper.

20:00 Yma Davyth ow qwandra gans coweth i’n dre. Ymowns y owth eva coref.

23:30 Davyth yw sqwith wàr an dyweth. Yma ev ow cùsca i’n gwely.

Extra vocabulary

whath still

dianowy yawn

in dadn gel secretly (kel = hiding)

ly lunch (often prës ly, literally lunchtime)


06:00 Davyth is sleeping. He is sleeping in [the] bed.

06:30 Davyth is sleeping.

07.45 Davyth is still sleeping.

08:15 Davyth is drinking coffee and yawning.

08:30 Davyth is running. He is running to [the] school.

09:30 Davyth is reading. He is reading a comic secretly in [the] English class.

10:30 Davyth is eating chocolate.

12:30 Davyth is having lunch.

14:00 Davyth is playing football.

16:00 Davyth is coming home.

17:00 Davyth goes to the beach. He is surfing.

19:00 Davyth is having supper.

20:00 Davyth wanders about with a mate in [the] town. They are drinking beer.

23:30 Davyth is tired at last. He is sleeping in [the] bed.