A story for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 5

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

06:00 Yma Peternel ow cùsca. Yma Peternel ow cùsca i’n gwely.

06:30 Yma Peternel ow neyja i’n mor.

07.45 Yma Peternel ow tebry hag owth eva. Yma hy ow tebry haunsel hag owth eva coffy.

08:15 Yma Peternel ow kerdhes. Yma hy ow mos dhe’n scol.

08:30 Yma Peternel ow ponya. Yma hy ow mos dhe’n scol.

09:30 Yma Peternel ow redya. Yma hy ow redya an lyver Gooth ha Gowvreus in Sowsnek i’n class Sowsnek.

10:30 Yma Peternel ow tauncya. Yma hy ow tauncya i’n class dauns.

12:30 Yma Peternel ow tebry. Yma hy ow tebry bara ha keus.

14:00 Yma Peternel ow rêvya. Yma hy ow rêvya in class sport.

16:00 Yma Peternel ow tos tre.

17:00 Yma Peternel ow marhogeth. Yma hy ow cara marhogeth.

19:00 Yma Peternel ow tebry soper.

20:00 Yma Peternel ow redya. Yma hy ow redya Gooth ha Gowvreus, lebmyn in Kernowek.

22:00 Peternel yw sqwith. Yma hy ow cùsca i’n gwely.

Extra vocabulary

Peternel (stressed on first syllable) is the Cornish form of Petronella

Gooth ha Gowvreus ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (famous novel by Jane Austen, translated by Nicholas Williams)

Sowsnek English (language)


06:00 Peternel is sleeping. Peternel is sleeping in [the] bed.

06:30 Peternel is swimming in the sea.

07.45 Peternel is eating and drinking. She is eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

08:15 Peternel is walking. She is going to [the] school.

08:30 Peternel is running. She is going to [the] school..

09:30 Peternel is reading. She is reading the book Pride and Prejudice in English in the English class.

10:30 Peternel is dancing. She is dancing in the dance class.

12:30 Peternel is eating. She is eating bread and cheese.

14:00 Peternel is rowing. She is rowing in a sports class.

16:00 Peternel is coming home.

17:00 Peternel is riding. She loves riding.

19:00 Peternel is having supper.

20:00 Peternel is reading. She is reading Pride and Prejudice, now in Cornish.

22:00 Peternel is tired. She is sleeping in [the] bed.