Worksheet 9 for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 10

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

Answer the questions about the conversation between Wella and Tamsyn on pages 50-51 (Playlet: An Degolyow Hâv). In Cornish! Full answers please, not just Cornish ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

 1.       A vydn teylu Tamsyn mos dhe ves rag an degolyow hâv?

2.       Pëth a vydn Tamsyn gwil in Kembra?

3.       A wra an teylu cùsca in tylda?

4.       A vydn Tamsyn neyja i’n mor pùb dëdh?

5.       A wra hy mos wàr hens horn an âls?

6.       Eus castylly in Kembra?

7.       A vydn Tamsyn kemeres lies skeusen?

Extra vocabulary: teylu masculine family