Worksheet 18 for use with Skeul an Tavas on completion of Lesson 18

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

Assume today is Wednesday 20 January. Work with your teacher to identify the day and date to which each of the following refers, then write that date in Cornish. Be careful! This is important learning to avoid crucial misunderstandings. Traditional Cornish employs inclusive reckoning for time expressions like these.

1.       De

2.       Avorow

3.       Degensete

4.       Trenja

5.       Godreva

6.       Peswar dëdh alebma

7.       Pymp dëdh alebma rag

8.       De Gwener wàr seythen

9.       Nans yw pymthek dëdh


1.       Yesterday

          de Merth, an nawnjegves mis Genver

2.       Tomorrow

          de Yow, an kensa warn ugans mis Genver

3.       The day before yesterday

          de Lun, an etêgves mis Genver

4.       The day after tomorrow

          de Gwener, an secùnd warn ugans mis Genver

5.       In three days’ time

          de Sadorn, an tressa warn ugans mis Genver

6.       Three days ago

          de Sul, an seytegves mis Genver

7.       In four days’ time

          de Sul, an peswora warn ugans mis Genver

8.       Friday week (next Friday according to American usage)

          de Gwener, an nawves warn ugans mis Genver

9.       A fortnight ago

          de Merher, an whegves (wheffes) mis Genver