Worksheet 7 for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 8

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

Acknowledging Nicholas Williams Desky Kernowek

2nd edition July 2020

Translate into English.

1.       Yma lowr a Gernowyon ow côwsel Kernowek hedhyw.

2.       Yth esta ow tesky Kernowek lebmyn hag yth esta ow redya lyver brav.

3.       Yth esta ow côwsel Kernowek yn tâ, mès yth esof vy whath ow tesky.

4.       Yth esof ow scrifa an practys Kernowek i’n lyver.

5.       Yth eson ny ow qwary ryb an scol.

6.       Yth esowgh why ow kemeres an kyttryn dhe’n dre.

7.       Yma an venyn yonk ow qwil tesen i’n chy.

8.       Yma Jowan ow tesîrya pel nowyth hag yma ev ow kerdhes tro ha’n shoppa i’n dre.

Extra vocabulary

lots of lowr a (colloquial)

young yonk

want desîrya

shop shoppa

towards tro ha (occasionally spelt troha)


1.       Lots of Cornish people speak Cornish today.

2.       You are learning Cornish now and you are reading a great book.

3.       You speak Cornish well, but I am still learning.

4.       I am writing the Cornish exercise in the book.

5.       We are playing by the school.

6.       You are taking the bus to [the] town.

7.       The young woman is making a cake in the house (or at home).

8.       Jowan wants a new ball and he is walking towards the shop in [the] town.