Worksheet 5 for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 5

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020


Translate into English.

1.       Me a garsa cafos dehen rew, a vabm.

2.       An ky a vydn debry an ascorn.

3.       Why a yll cùsca i’n tylda-na.

4.       Hy a wra gwary gans pel.

5.       Brav yw an gewer; ny a yll neyja i’n mor.

6.       An vowes a vydn marhogeth wàr an margh-na.

7.       My a garsa cafos torth a vara, mar pleg.


1.       I’d like [to have] an ice cream, Mummy.

2.       The dog will eat the bone.

3.       You can sleep in that tent.

4.       She will play with a ball.

5.       The weather is fine; we can swim in the sea.

6.       The girl will ride that horse.

7.       I’d like [to have] a loaf of bread, please.

Strictly, dehen rew means 'ice cream', not 'an ice cream'. If you want to say 'two ice creams' , the Cornish expression is dehen rew dywweyth, literally 'ice cream twice'.