Worksheet 14 for use with Skeul an Tavas on completion of Lesson 18

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

Translate into Cornish.

1.       He will go to school.

          (= He will go to the school.)

2.       I’m going to take a photograph.

3.       The lesson will begin at (use dhe) seven o’clock.

4.       She is going to ride on the beach.

5.       We shall go shopping tomorrow.

6.       You can eat pizza and drink beer.

7.       We’re going to run like the wind.

          (= We’re going to run as fast as the wind.)

8.       I shall sleep well tonight.

9.       We can speak on the phone tomorrow.

10.     He will continue learning Cornish.


1.       Ev a wra mos dhe’n scol.

2.       Me a vydn kemeres skeusen.

3.       An dyscas a wra dallath dhe seyth eur.

4.       Hy a vydn marhogeth wàr an treth.

5.       Ny a vydn prenassa avorow.

6.       Why a yll debry pîtsa hag eva coref.

7.       Ny a vydn ponya mar uskys avell an gwyns.

8.       Me a wra cùsca yn tâ haneth.

9.       Ny a yll pellgôwsel avorow.

10.     Ev a wra pêsya desky Kernowek.