Worksheet 15 for use with Skeul an Tavas on completion of Lesson 18

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

Translate into Cornish.

 1.       Will he go to the pub this evening?

2.       Will you (singular, familiar) drink a glass of beer with me?

3.       The lesson will not begin until (Cornish says ‘before’) eight o’clock.

4.       Are you (plural or polite) going to see the film in the cinema?

5.       The bus will not come today.

6.       You (singular, familiar) can’t climb on that rock.

7.       Will she visit the town in her car?

8.       Can this boat sail to Brittany?

9.       That umbrella will not keep you (singular, familiar) dry.

10.     Will the suitcase hold everything?


1.       A vydn ev mos dhe’n tavern haneth?

2.       A wrêta eva gwedren a goref (or gwedren coref) genef?

3.       Ny wra an lesson dallath kyns eth eur.

4.       A vydnowgh why gweles an fylm i’n cynema?

5.       Hedhyw ny wra an kyttryn dos.

6.       Ny ylta crambla wàr an garrek-na.

7.       A vydn hy vysytya an dre in hy harr?

8.       A yll an scath-ma golya dhe Vreten Vian?

9.       Ny wra an lawlen-na dha witha sëgh.

10.     A wra an trog dyllas sensy pùptra?