Worksheet 13 for use with Skeul an Tavas on completion of Lesson 18

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

Translate into Cornish.

1.       They are catching fish.

2.       We’re falling!

3.       He is beginning to speak.

4.       Is she coming home?

5.       You (singular, familiar) are talking to the teacher.

6.       Are you (plural or polite) correcting your work?

7.       The shop does not sell mussels.

8.       Are the children playing with that ball?

9.       He is writing a book.

10.     We are eating lamb and potatoes.


1.       Ymowns y ow cachya pùscas.

2.       Yth eson ny ow codha!

3.       Yma ev ow tallath côwsel.

4.       Usy hy ow tos tre?

5.       Yth esta ow côwsel orth an descador.

6.       Esowgh why owth êwna dha ober?

7.       Nyns usy an gwerthjy ow qwertha meskel.

8.       Usy an flehes ow qwary gans an bel-na?

9.       Yma ev ow scrifa lyver.

10.     Yth eson ny ow tebry kig ôn ha patâtys.