An Testament Nowyth

Translated by Nicholas Williams

The text of this New Testament is that of An Beybel Sans 'The Holy Bible in Cornish' of 2011. The translation was based upon the Greek together with a collation of other versions. Where passages of the New Testament were forthcoming in traditional Cornish, they were incorporated into the translation to increase its authenticity. Wherever possible, personal and geographical names are those attested in traditional Cornish. The spelling used is Standard Cornish, which aims both to follow the norms of traditional Cornish orthography while being wholly phonetic. The translation aims to be both idiomatic, accurate and easy to read.

Text an lyver-ma yw text an Testament Nowyth in An Beybel Sans dyllys i'n vledhen 2011. Y feu an trailyans growndys wàr an Grêk gwredhek hag y feu va comparys inwedh gans nebes trailyansow erel. Pàn veu kefys darnow a'n scryptour sans i'n textow tradycyonal, an darnow-na a veu gorrys aberth i'n trailyans rag y rendra dhe voy warrantus. Mar bell dell ylly bos, yth yw henwyn personek ha henwyn tyleryow i'n trailyans-ma an re-na neb yw kefys i'n tavas hengovek. I'n lyver-ma an spellyans ûsys yw Kernowek Standard, lytherednans usy ow sewya ûsadow an tavas istorek hag yw i'n kettermyn fonetyk yn tien. Yma an trailyans porposys dhe vos kewar, teythiak hag êsy dhe redya.

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