A story for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 18

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

This story appears on page 82 of Skeul an Tavas © 2010 Ray Chubb. The language has been adapted.

Peder ha’y whor, Morwena, a wrug mos dhe’n lyverva. Yth esa whans dhedha cafos nebes lyvrow ow tùchya an bal coth i’ga randir. Peder ha Morwena a gar whythra an jynjiow.

“Kebmer with! Yma an lyvrow-na ow codha, Peder.”

Peder a wrug aga hachya. In y dhorn yth esa dew lyver dâ. “Gwra miras, Morwena. Tas gwydn a garsa an lyver-ma.”

Y whrussons y mos tre gans an dhew lyver.


Peder and his sister, Morwena, went to the library. They wanted to get some books about the old mines (literally, mining area) in their locality. Peder and Morwena love exploring the engine-houses.

“Watch out (literally, take care)! Those books are falling, Peder.”

Peder caught them. In his hand were two good books. “Look, Morwena. Granddad would like this one (literally, this book).”

They went home with the two books.