Supplementary to Gerlyver Kescows – A Cornish Dictionary for Conversation

Second Edition

By Ian Jackson

Last updated: 11 June 2024 (14:00)

The purpose of Kescows Nebes Moy is to enable Cornish conversation about most non-specialist subjects without the need to switch into English. A first edition appeared in 2018. Cornish vocabulary items not found in Gerlyver Kescows were presented for the first time in classified lists that take the learner beyond elementary vocabulary, enabling conversation about more technical topics that nonetheless form part of everyday life.

The first edition was necessarily quite experimental, and was confined to just five thousand entries. Much has been learned since the first edition appeared. This second edition is being developed in expanded form here on-line. In particular we are considering families wishing to speak Cornish in the home, as well as the challenge of establishing potential for teaching through the medium of Cornish in primary and secondary schools.

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Click or tap here for the Appendix ‘Word Building‘ which explains the principles of compounding, prefixation and suffixation.

We are very grateful to Professor Nicholas Williams and Michael Everson for the opportunity to coordinate these lists with latest drafts of their Gerlyver Brâs.

If you are supportive of revived traditional Cornish and the Kernowek Standard spelling system, please let us know in the event you find any errors or think something might be improved.

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A word has a single stress accent on the penultimate syllable in the absence of any specific indication. When this accent falls elsewhere, the underlined vowel marks the syllable which is stressed. The symbol ‖ after a word indicates that, instead of a single stress accent, two syllables of the word are given prominence. In the case of a disyllabic word the prominence is usually slightly stronger on the adjectival element.



delweth corf m delwedhow body image

dywvron du bust (typically female in modern context)

greuv front (sipecifically of body, including face)

grugysla midriff; waistline

in poynt corforek dâ phr physically fit 

keher brodn keherow pectoral muscle

keher dewben m keherow biceps

keyngrom ‖ (scoodhgam ‖) adj hunch-backed

kilgorf ‖ back (specifically of body)

lonow pl loins

omassaya exercise (fitness)

omdhalgh m omdhalhow posture

stamyna m stamina

troboyntcres oos m troboyntys ‖ mid-life crisis


aval lagas m avallow eyeball

bervys adj bearded

bew an lagas phr the iris and pupil

camlagaja squint

dywen du jaws

er m eryow temple

fysment m fysmens feature

gen chin

gols head of hair

kilbenback of the head, occiput

lappa scovarn m lappys ear lobe

melegan m meleganas blond

meleganes f meleganesow blonde

melenyk adj sallow

mol sleep (in eye)

môlys y lagasow phr bleary-eyed

nas Afrô Afro texture(d)

pedn dhe woles phr head over heels

pednvagasadj shock-haired

plattya smooth down (hair)

plethedna plait, braid

poll bogh m pollow dimple

reun elgeth col stubble

rôsyn lagas m rôsydnow retina

teknologieth aswon fâss f facial recognition technology


anal boos bad breath

aval briansen (aval an rîtan) larynx, Adam's apple

baya kiss

cafos dens phr be teething

cartha y vriansen phr clear one's throat

catâr catarrh

cowdollm cowdell ‖ sinus

crawkya v croak

crawkyans m croak(ing)

cussyn kiss

delevy yawn

delevyans m delevyansow yawn(ing)

dens clâv pl toothache

deskerny bare one's teeth

dewfrik tegys du bunged-up nose

dianowyans yawn(ing)

diena gasp; pant

folwharth m giggle

folwherthyn ‖ v giggle

frig m frigow nostril

gargasen f gargasednow gullet, oesophagus

glavorya drool, slobber

golhy lonk phr gargle

gregga cackle

grudh f grudhyow cheek, jaw (high register)

gùdhùk throat (exterior)

gwagren adenoydek f adenoid(s)

gwagren thyroydek f gwagrednow thyroid gland

gwasca dens phr clench one's teeth

gwil mowys phr pout

gwythien an codna phr jugular vein

hos adj hoarse

hôsya speak hoarsely

hôsyas hoarseness

in dadn y dhens phr through clenched teeth

kilwagren ‖ f kilwagrednow  tonsil

kilwen (fâls-minwharth ) f kilwenow smirk

kilwena (fâls-minwherthyn ‖) smirk

kilwharth snigger(ing)

kilwherthyn snigger

merogeth runny nose

mery snivel

mînya nuzzle

mol bogey(s)

mowa m mowys pout

orth y anow phr face to face

pig i'n codna phr crick in the neck

pûr snot

pyff m pyffow puff; splutter

pyffya puff; splutter

pib gwyns (rîtan) pîbow trachea, windpipe

ronk i'n vriansen phr frog in the throat

scryncus adj grimacing; leering

scrynk grimace; leer

scrynkya grimace; leer

serth y godna phr stiff-necked (figuratively)

smoth y davas phr smooth-talking

smùt adj snub-nosed

stevnyk (gorheras ganow) m & f stevnygow palate

tellek adj pockmarked

terlenky gulp

thyroyd thyroid

wàr boll y gil phr on the back of one's neck

whedh lonk goitre

wheja gwyns phr belch

wherthyn i'n vriansen phr chuckle

wherthynva laughter


ascorn pedn elyn m eskern funny bone

berr f berrow shank, lower leg

bës arâg m besias forefinger, index finger

bës bysow m besias ring finger

bës brâs m besias thumb

bës cres m besias middle finger

bësya finger

boxas m boxesow punch

casel f caselyow armpit

clos dywvron f clojow rib-cage

codna troos conaow instep

colm keherow [muscle] cramp

craban m crabanow hand, paw, mitt

crowsegys y verrow phr cross-legged

el esker f elyow shin[bone], tibia

esker (fer) f eskeryow shank, lower leg

fernothadj bare-legged

garrek adj long-legged, leggy

garrgamadj bandy-legged, bow-legged

garrhiradj long-legged, gangling

glingamadj knock-kneed

gothen f gothnow sole

ha'y dhywvregh alês phr with outstretched arms

kenen bës f kenednow cuticle

logosen (keheryn) fer calf [muscle] 

marou (mer) bone marrow

marou an keyn phr spinal cord

mell dorn m mellow knuckle

mell keyn m mellow vertebra

mygorn cartilage

ol bës m olow fingermark

padellow an scoodh phr shoulder-blades

padel pedn glin f padellow knee-cap

pedn glinknee

pock elyn m pockyow nudge

ragvregh f ragvrehow forearm

trehysak m trehysogyon amputee

troos cabm m treys club foot


an brÿgh placenta

anterth m anterthow climax, orgasm

anvabeth infertility

astel mislivmenopause

brâs y lygyon phr well-hung

càl serth erection

carnalyta sex (sexual acts)

carnalyta a'n ganow phr oral sex

carnalyta a'n gons phr vaginal sex

carnalyta a'n gwèn phr anal sex

carnalyta consentus consensual sex

carnalyta dywith unprotected sex

cervycal adj cervical

chastyta chastity

codna brÿs m conaow cervix

coplans goderrys coitus interruptus

dywgell du testicles

dos [dhe anterth] phr orgasm, climax, come

dylla has phr ejaculate

dylla oy phr ovulate

fyckya fuck

fyckyans fuck(ing)

gawl leun a'n jeves phr he is well-hung

goonlivvaginal discharge

goos mîsek menses

gourvenowadj hermaphrodite

kell f kellyow testicle

kenen werghsys f kenednow gwerghsys hymen

ketherieth puberty

kethor col pubic hair

kethorva pube; groin

lybîdô libido

lygyon pl genitals

mesen f mesednow glans

omrùttya masturbate

oyva f oyvaow ovary

pîbow Fallôpyô pl Fallopian tubes

rendra dyfrooth phr sterilize (sb)

ry leth phr lactate

scrôtùm (tygen an dhywgell) m scrôta scrotum

shora lavur m shorys contraction (in labour)

skîtyans has ejaculation

skîtyans ragathves premature ejaculation

spadha castrate

spadhysak m spadhysogyon eunuch

sperm sperm, semen

spermyn m spermydnow sperm (individual)

todnek hy horf phr curvaceous


adrênalîn adrenalin[e]

albînô m albînôs albino

an vabm [i'n dorr] phr spleen

artery cùrunek m arterys coronary artery

blewak adj hairy

bleyngrohen  f bleyngrehyn  foreskin

bystel bile

bystelyor m bystelyoryon gall-bladder

caca poo (nursery word)

clapes m clapesow valve

côlon m côlons colon

colonyow (pottys) pl guts, innards

crohen goodh goose-pimples

cyrcùmcîsyans circumcision

dûodênùm duodenum

factor rêsùs rhesus factor

fals y din phr bum crack

gastryk adj gastric

gawl f gawlow crotch

genôm m genômow genome

godrak colostrum

group goos m groupys blood group

gwagren f gwagrednow gland

gwèn m gwenhow anus

gwessyow cons pl labia

gweyth dowr phr waterworks (polite avoidance expression)

gwil caca phr poo verb (nursery phrase)

gwil pypy phr wee verb (nursery phrase)

gwyns torr flatulence, wind

in kig ha knes phr in the flesh

i'n knes (i'n trogel) phr as large as life

insùlyn insulin

kelhednyk m kelhenygow areola

kenen bûrek f kenednow pûrek mucous membrane

kenen gig (diafram) f kenednow kig diaphragm

kenen goon f kenednow hymen

knes col knesen skin

leth melen colostrum

liv goos bloodstream

lydn poder pus

metaboleth m metaboledhow metabolism

môly clot

nervek (newral) adj neural

newron m newronow neuron

omhowla sunbathe

omleba wet oneself

omsewajya relieve oneself (polite avoidance expression)

pancreas (bara melys) pancreas

pedren f pedrednow hindquarter, buttock

pendro dizziness; giddiness, vertigo

plustren f plustrednow mole

preves bian pl pins-and-needles

prostât prostate [gland]

pypy wee (nursery word)

rectùm m recta rectum

rêsùs negedhek phr rhesus negative

rêsùs posytyf phr rhesus positive

sfyncter m sfyncters sphincter

synaps m synapsow synapse

tellyk [whës] m telygow pore

vytamyn m vytamynow vitamin

wheja gwyns phr belch, burp

whenen nipple



alergen m alergenow allergen

alergeth m alergedhow allergy

anafylaxys anaphylaxis, anaphylactic shock

anatomy anatomy

any m aniow complaint (illness)

clâv anedhys m clevyon in-patient

clâv avês m clevyon out-patient

cleves anhedhek m clevejow chronic illness

cleves gwenerek m clevejow sexually transmitted disease (STD)

cleves mortal m clevejow terminal illness

cleves newro-dylynlathek m clevejow neuro-degenerative disease 

clynycal adj clinical (incl figuratively)

codha clâv phr fall ill

dasvêwans colon ha skevens phr cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

diagnostek adj diagnostic

diagnôsya diagnose

diagnostyk m & f diagnostics

diagnôsys m diagnôsysow diagnosis

diely (heb remedy) adj incurable

dosbartha triage

dosbarthans triage

dygnaster m abnormality

dysês m dysêsys ailment; disease (often figuratively)

dysforya reydhak gender dysphoria

fysek lestus preventive medicine

fysiologyl adj physiological

hypoalergenek adj hypoallergenic

imûnya immunize

imûnyans m immunization

in yêhes dâ phr in good health

infyrmyta infirmity

mar yagh avell an jëdh phr as fit as a fiddle

medhegieth dastenethy regenerative medicine

pandemyk (plag bÿs-efan) m pandemygyon pandemic

rol gortos f rolyow waiting list

sawadow adj curable

scodhyans bêwa life support

sentry cûr care home(s)

spyty m spytiow hospice, infirmary

tardh m tardhow outbreak (of disease)

termyn gortos m termynyow waiting time

yahuster wellness

yêhes gwadn ill health

yêhesva f yêhesvaow sanatorium


autystieth f autism

cleves crobman-gell sickle cell anaemia

cleves gosa haemophilia

cleves pùrpur porphyria

fybrôsys cystek cystic fibrosis

syndrôm Asperger Asperger['s] syndrome

syndrôm Down Down['s] syndrome

wàr an spectrùm autystek phr on the autistic spectrum


anorexya anorexia

brës-corforek adj pyschosomatic

cleves Alzheimer Alzheimer's disease

cleves an yagh hypochondria

cleves brës mental illness

cleves dywêghlek bipolar disorder

cleves tennva wosa trauma phr post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

clôsown claustrophobia

foljy m foljiow madhouse (historical and figuratively)

gerdhellny ‖ dyslexia

lorak-morethakadj/m manic depressive Now replaced by clâv dywêghlek

meth cowjejyow nervous breakdown

newrôsys m newrôsysyow neurosis

newrotek adj neurotic

nownglâv adj/m bulimic


problem a yêhes brës phr mental health problem / issue

sîcôanalîsans  psychoanalysis

sîcôsys m sîcôsysyow psychosis

sîcotek adj psychotic


skytsofrênya schizophrenia

trobel gorwythres fowt attendyans attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

trobel honengonstrînus obsessyonek obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

yagh y vrës phr sane

yêhes brës sanity


cleves an mytern scrofula

cleves cogh scarlet fever

cleves bùrm thrush

cleves fong mycosis, fungal infection

cleves gwenerek venereal disease (VD)

cleves hun sleeping sickness

cleves lyjyonêrs legionnaires' disease

cleves sêson malaria

colera (terthen skit) cholera

darwes troos col athlete's foot

dyftêrya diphtheria

felon abscess (especially on finger)

fevyr tîfoyd typhoid fever

genbaljym tetanus, lockjaw

gorthvacterekadj antibacterial


lovryjyon (clavor, cleves brâs) m leprosy

pas garm whooping cough

pockys Frynk pl syphilis

pla du bubonic plague

selsygieth botulism

tîfùs typhus

tysyk tuberculosis

whejalen f whejalednow abscess, boil


bregh Alman rubella, German measles

cleves rudh [the] measles

covyd covid Optionally spelled côvyd when so pronounced

crûp croup

ebôla m ebola

ereras pl herpes

ereras corf (cleves grugys) pl shingles

fevyr gwagrednek glandular fever

flû mogh swine flu

flû ÿdhyn avian influenza, bird flu

gorthvîrekadj antiviral

paljy flehes (pôlyô) polio

pensagh tobm mumps

pockys munys pl smallpox

pockys sym pl monkeypox

pockys yar pl chickenpox

syndrôm anal Ëst Cres phr Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)

syndrôm imûndyfyk  denyl aqwîrys phr acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

vîrùs imûndyfyk  denyl phr human immune deficiency virus (HIV)


brew dûodênek m brewyon duodenal ulcer

brew gwascas m brewyon pressure ulcer, bedsore

brew pengasen m brewyon stomach ulcer

clavor glëb eczema

cleves clos dywvron bronchitis

còs wyls scabies

creven anwos f crevednow cold sore

crohen owravalcellulite

dysentry dysentery

faclys adj inflamed

fakel aval briansen laryngitis

fakel avy f hepatitis

fakel briansen sore / strep throat

fakel brodn mastitis

fakel cowdellsinusitis

fakel crohen dermatitis

fakel empydnyon encephalitis

fakel gùsygen cystitis

fakel is-crohencellulitis

fakel [kenen an] empydnyon meningitis

fakel lonethy nephritis

fakel pengasen gastritis

fakel pengasen ha colodhyon (whej ha skit) gastro-enteritis

fakel pervethlenperitonitis

fakel remus an mellow phr rheumatoid arthritis

fakel skevens pneumonia

goly bew m goliow ulcer

gowt (an gowt) [the] gout, podagra

gowtus adj gouty

inflamya v inflame

inflamyans inflammation

levrythen f levrythednow stye [on the eye]

tan gwyls erysipelas

tanyjyon m inflammation


asthma (berranal ‖) asthma

bodharder deafness

brehy pl dandruff

calesen kig f calesednow tumour

calesyans (sclerôsys) sclerosis

calesyans liesplek multiple sclerosis

cancrus adj cancerous

canker goos blood cancer, leukaemia

canker kig sarcoma

carrek vystel f carygy bystel gallstone

cleves cêlyak (glus) coeliac disease

cleves clun sciatica

cleves colon heart disease

cleves doust [glow] pneumoconiosis

cleves dowr oedema, dropsy

cleves dywascans decompression sickness, the bends

cleves eskern brew osteoporosis

cleves marhogyon haemorrhoids, piles

cleves medhêwnep alcoholism

cleves melen jaundice

cleves môtornewrônmotor-neurone disease

cleves whejans bilious attack

cleves whejans gans flogh phr morning sickness

clopen troos bunion

clot goos m clottys blood clot (especially in vein), thrombosis

cyst cystow cyst

dellny blindness

diabetyk adj/m diabetygyon diabetic

drog y gnas adj malignant

emboleth m emboledhow embolism

ewyn treus m ewynas in-growing toenail


frudh avy cirrhosis [of the liver]

glebans incontinence

gloos an golon phr angina pectoris

gooslîvm gooslîvyow  haemorrhage

gordewder obesity

gwadnwoosm anaemia

gwadnwosekadj anaemic

gwessyow crigys pl chapped lips

gwythy whedhys pl varicose veins

manteth (cleves an manteth) kidney-stone (condition rather than any individual stone)

megrym migraine

newralgya neuralgia

omlêsans m omlêsansow aneurysm

orny hypothermia

pendro vertigo

polyp m polypow polyp

posnyans boos food poisoning

rem keyn low back pain, lumbago

sepsys (cleves poder) sepsis

shora codha m shorys epileptic fit

shora colon m shorys heart attack

shora gooslestansanparhus m shorys transient ischaemic attack (TIA)

shora gwres m shorys hot flush

stevnyk feljys m & f cleft palate

stlaveth speech impediment

strocas gooslestansm strocosow ischaemic / infarct stroke

strocas gwres heat stroke

strocas howl sunstroke

stubmans keyn spinal curvature

syndrôm colon uskys omdhalgh postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS)

syndrôm Tourette Tourette['s] syndrome

thrombôsys gwythien dhown phr deep vein thrombosis (DVT)


brew scav m brewyon minor injury

crehyllyans concussion

creven f crevednow scab

den brew m tus vrew casualty

gorra mes a'y le phr dislocate

injùry m injury, harm

ombystyk ombystygow self-inflicted injury

scaldya scald

trauma m traumata trauma

ufern trailys m ufernyow sprained ankle


arwedhyow cleves pl symptoms

bregh rash

bregh lynas hives, urticaria

clamderek adj fainting

facly flare up

fevrus adj feverish

glosa hurt, twinge

goverek adj streaming (eyes, nose)

gwythiek phr bloodshot

kelly aswonvos phr pass out

nywl i'n pedn phr brain fog

sqwych m sqwychys spasm

stoppys y golonyow phr constipated

symptomatek adj symptomatic


carthyon lyn pl lint

catheter m cathetrow catheter

collel chyrùrjen f kellyl scalpel

corn medhek (stethoscôp) m kern stethoscope

deveror holanek m saline drip

droppyor m droppyoryon dropper

dysklien ‖ m dysklienyow  splint

fâls-esel m fâls-esely artificial / prosthetic limb

gevel f gevelyow forceps

hernes diogely personal protective equipment (PPE)

jyn loneth m jynys dialysis machine

lysten tryhornek f lystednow triangular bandage, sling

prevyas m prevysy test kit (covid, pregnancy etc)


pydn sawder m pydnys safety pin

pyffyor m pyffyoryon inhaler

rêwlor colon m rêwloryon pacemaker

stent m stentys stent 

sterylya sterilize (sth)

strethassaylateral flow test

swàb m swabbys swab

trùssa m trùssys truss


antyseptyk adj/m antiseptic

aspyryn aspirin

assay clynycal m assayes clinical trial

autoskîtyor epynefrîn m autoskîtyoryon epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen®)

breghyans inoculation, vaccination

calmyth m calmydhyon sedative, tranquillizer

clout nicotîn m cloutys nicotine patch

cowles menoyl petroleum jelly, Vaseline®

cùbert droggys m cùbertys medicine cabinet

dehen m cream

dehen dêwla hand cream

dehen gorthfongantifungal cream

dehen zynk-rycyn zinc and castor oil cream

dogen m dognow dose

drogga narcotek m droggys narcotic

dyspensva f dyspensvaow dispensary

effeth holya [treus] m effethyow [adverse] side-effect

ely m eliow medicine; pl pharmaceuticals

ely gorthdyglonm eliow antidepressant(s)

ely imûnosùppressyapl immuno-suppressant drugs

ewonel frigow f ewonellow nasal spray

ferylek adj pharmaceutical

ferylva f ferylvaow pharmacy

fysek shoppa over-the-counter medicine


gordhogen m gordhognow overdose

gorhebmyn menow'hys repeat prescription

gorra breghyans alês phr roll out a vaccine

gorth-hystamînm gorth-hystamînow  antihistamine

gorthpoderadj/m gorthpodrow antiseptic

gorthprëfinsect repellent

gorthtrenkadj/m antacid

gorthvenymm gorthvenyms ‖ antidote

gorthvreghlydnorm gorthvreghlydnoryon ‖ antivaxer 

gwyras vedhek surgical spirit

hunegyn m hunegydnow sleeping pill

in dadn galmans under sedation

jèl gel

jèl sawajya pain pain relief gel

jèl ura lubricating jelly

keffurgym keffurgeun  addict

lettyor alfa m lettyoryon alpha blocker

lettyor bêta m lettyoryon beta blocker

lettyor canel calcyùm lettyoryon calcium channel blocker

lettyor kethorieth m lettyoryon puberty blocker

losanj m losanjys lozenge

lydn calamîn calamine lotion

morfîn morphine

oynment m oynmens ointment

oyl avy barvus cod liver oil

oyl (uras) kevalsyow liniment, embrocation

oyl nedras snake oil

oyl rycyn castor oil

painladhorm painladhoryon ‖ painkiller

paracêtamol paracetamol

pastyl m pastylyow pastille

penycyllyn penicillin

pùltys poultice

qwynîn m quinine

remedy m remedys remedy (incl figuratively)

sawment remedy

shampû gorthnedhanti nit shampoo

skîtyans kentryn rag covyd phr covid booster jab

skîtyans rag flû phr flu jab

soposytôry m soposytôrys suppository

statyn m statyns statin

steroyd m steroydow steroid

trothlivyasm trothlivysy  diuretic

whejor m whejoryon emetic


clynycor m clynycoryon clinician

craghvedhekm craghvedhygyon ‖ quack [doctor]

fysyotherapyth ‖ (fysyô) m fysyotherapydhyon  physio[therapist]

group-practysm group-practycyow ‖ group practice

gweresor clojy m gweresoryon hospital orderly

isvedhekm isvedhygyon ‖ junior doctor

medhek arbednyk m medhygyon specialist

medhek benenes m medhygyon gynaecologist

medhek brës m medhygyon psychiatrist

medhek eskern m medhygyon osteopath

medhek eskern ha nervow m medhygyon chiropractor

medhek flehes m medhygyon paediatrician

oberor carr clojy oberoryon ambulance worker

paramedhek m paramedhygyon paramedic

pathologyth m pathologydhyon pathologist

pednvedhekm penvedhygyon consultant

penethes f penethesow matron

radyôlogyth m radyôlogydhyon radiologist

sîcôanalyst  m sîcôanalystyon  psychoanalyst

sîcotherapythsîcotherapydhyon ‖ psychotherapist

ugh-clojioresf ugh-clojioresow  sister




chyrùrjery afînus cosmetic surgery

chyrùrjery dôwysek elective surgery

chyrùrjery toll alwheth keyhole surgery

clamderyth m clamderydhyon anaesthetist

côlondrogh ‖ colostomy

daspoyntyans reydh gender reassignment

dyllas chyrùrjery m dylasow scrubs, surgical greens

enplansans m enplansansow implant

gwythres entrus m gwythresow invasive procedure

impyans m impyansow graft

les'hens m les'hensy by-pass

leuv-vedhegva  f leuv-vedhegvaow ‖ operating theatre

mirva f mirvaow [operating] theatre

stôma m stômata stoma

trehy dhe ves phr amputate

treusplansans ‖ m treusplansansow ‖ transplant

trogh Cesarek Caesarian section



cappa m cappys cap

cùrun f cùrunyow crown

dans arâg m dens incisor

dans keyn m dens wisdom tooth

dans lagas m dens canine

dens creft pl dentures

densydhieth dentistry

densydhieth afînus cosmetic dentistry

densydhieth dhasterevel reconstructive dentistry

densydhva f densydhvaow dentist's surgery

drogdhens pl bad teeth

enplansans denjak enplansow dental implant

esmal dens enamel

fakel kig an dens gingivitis

goly bew i'n ganow phr mouth ulcer

kèn dens dental plaque

keyva f keyvaow cavity

kildansm kildens  molar

lanwans m lanwansow filling

poder dens tooth decay, caries

rag-kildansm rag-kildens  premolar

whejalen ganow f whejalednow gumboil

whythrans dens m whythransow dental check-up


astygmateth astigmatism

audyologyth m audyologydhyon audiologist

cleves scovarn earache

dewfogus adj bifocal

fakel aval lagas conjunctivitis

fowtek y glôwans phr hearing-impaired

fowtek y wolok phr visually impaired

glaucôma glaucoma

gwedrow howl pl sunglasses

gwedrygow hedro pl varifocal lenses

gwedrygow kestaf pl contact lenses

hir y wolok phr long-sighted

lywdhalladj colour blind

optycyan m optycyans optician

rôsyn dystak m rôsydnow detached retina

spectaclys pl spectacles, glasses

spectaclys dowr pl swimming goggles

spectaclys du pl dark glasses

spectaclys sawder pl safety goggles

whythrans clôwes m whythransow hearing test

whythrans gweles m whythransow eye test



aflanyth adj insanitary

alergeth alerghedhow allergy

anhun insomnia

ansawadow adj incurable

aircarya  bys i'n clojy phr airlift to hospital

biopsy biopsiow biopsy

cancregynek adj carcinogenic

clâvhun  dynys yn fedhek phr medically induced coma

colesterol (blonek bystel) cholesterol

colon-pibellowadj cardiovascular


còs (debron) itch

cresen dëdh f cresednow day centre

crug tardh acne

debrena itch; tickle

dialîsans dialysis

dosbarthans triage

dre wythien phr intravenous(ly)

dren du m dreyn black comedo, blackhead

dren gwydn m dreyn white comedo, whitehead

dyswarneth unconsciousness

electrocardyogramelectrocardiogram (ECG)

enema m enemas enema

fram kerdhes m framyow walking (Zimmer) frame

fram rolya m framyow rollator

fug-glevesfake illness, malingering

fydhyans NHS m fydhyansow NHS trust


gia lance (boil etc)

gorthcorfynm gorthcorfydnow ‖ antibody

gogell arren f gogellow garren stem cell

gwith clevyon nursing

gwith lehepalliative care

heb sawment phr untreatable

hevufter fowtek impaired mobility

hevufter lehësreduced mobility

homeopathekadj homeopathic

hypodermekadj hypodermic

imajya dassenyans tenvenek magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

in remyssyon phr in remission


kevrath durya m & f kevradhow survival rate

lavregyn sugnek m lavregydnow absorbent pants

lenker col lenkeren tapeworms

medhegieth ken kynda f alternative medicine

necrotek adj necrotic

necrôsys necrosis

nycotîn m nicotine

pentan backlog

pestylens pestilence

podrethek adj septic

poyntyans fâss orth fâss phr face-to-face appointment

qwarantîn quarantine

qwarantîna v quarantine (incl figuratively)

radyologieth radiology


recknans has sperm count

rol gortos f rolyow waiting list

rùttassay  cervycal m rùttassayes  cervical smear test

salowus adj curative

sawment genydnow gene therapy

sawment gorthryhormônow m hormone replacement therapy


serya cauterize

seryans cauterization

therapewtek adj therapeutic

therapewtyk m & f therapeutics

tomografieth amowntyorekhëscomputerized tomography (CT)

tomografieth dylla posytronow positron emission tomography (PET)

tourystieth vedhegyl medical tourism

treusteverans ‖ m treusteveransow ‖ transfusion

trosken itchy scab / skin

venym m venyms toxin

venymus adj toxic

yêhesek adj sanitary



camberthy miscarry

decessya pass away, die

dhyrag termyn phr premature

dyghtyans froothus'he  in gweder phr in vitro fertilization (IVF)

embriô m embriôs embryo

endenythyans inbreeding

fâls-torras phantom pregnancy

genesygeth cledh breech birth

genesygla m genesygleow place of birth

genys yn farow phr stillborn

gevellas kehaval pl identical twins

glovedhes f benenes glovedhes midwife

golovas childbirth

gorel f gorellow incubator

gory hatch

kenflogh m kenflehes foetus

mabm benfyk f mabmow surrogate mother

mamoleth f maternity

shora golovas m shorys contraction

torras m torasow pregnancy

torras ectopyk m torasow ectopic pregnancy


a jaunjyas y vêwnans phr life-changing

adolescens adolescence

floholeth f childhood

gwaityans bêwa life expectancy

henys old age Note phrase henys teg = ripe old age


rag bêwnans phr for life


ancow death (especially high register or personified)

clogh an marow death knell

corf marow m corfow corpse

dyvew adj lifeless (incl figuratively)

dyvynyans corf autopsy, post mortem examination

dywethynder mernans rigor mortis

embaumya embalm

galarak adj/m galarogyon bereaved

lien bedh m lienyow shroud

logel f logellow sepulchre; sarcophagus

marowjym marowjiow  mortuary, morgue

marwoleth (mortalyta) f mortality

megva suffocation

merwel yn wheresys phr assisted dying

omladhans suicide

ronk mernans death rattle

scattra lusow phr scatter ashes

tebel-dewedhav come to a sticky end


an daras leur m the drop

cader tredanladha f caderyow electric chair

cregor m cregoryon hangman, executioner

cregy, dygowla, qwartrona phr hang, draw and quarter

crogprenm crogprednyer  gallows

dybedna behead

execûtya execute

gortos wàr strêt an mernans phr to be [waiting] on death row

gylotîn m gylotîns guillotine

let cowlwriansstay of execution

lovan an cregor phr hangman's noose

omdhygowla commit hara-kiri

omoffrydna sacrifice oneself

omoffrydnans self-sacrifice (often figuratively)

sentens a vernans phr death sentence, death penalty

skîtyans mortal lethal injection

storvya kill with cold; die of cold



bedhscrif ‖ (scrîven bedh) m bedhscrîvoyow  epitaph

crug lesky funeral pyre

[eus] tremenys phr the late + name

gormola m gormolys eulogy

growethva f growethvaow [final] resting-place

kyny mourn Note construction kyny warlergh nebonen = mourn sb

marowscrif ‖ m marowscrîvyow  obituary

martyrdom martyrdom

ros mogh col rosen poppies

servys covath m servysyow memorial service


bythvew adj unquenchable

dyvarow (imortal, dyvarwyl, anvarwyl) adj immortal 

dyvarwoleth (imortalyta, anvarwoleth) immortality

ladhva mergh knacker's yard

latty slaughterhouse, abattoir



altrewan f altrewaneth stepmother

altrow m altrowon stepfather

dyhenvamf dyhenvabmow  great-great-grandmother

dyhok m dyhogyon great-great-grandfather

goos nessa close kin

gorhengok m gorhengogyon great-great-great-grandfather

gorhenvamf gorhenvabmow  great-great-great-grandmother

gorôwnter m gorôwntras great-uncle

gorvodryp f gorvodrebeth great-aunt

hengok m hengogyon great-grandfather

henhenvamf henhenvabmow  great-grandmother

lesflogh m lesflehes stepchild

lesvap (els) m lesvebyon stepson

lesvyrgh (elses) f lesvyrhas stepdaughter

mab wydn m mebyon gwydn grandson

mabm ha tas adoptus phr adoptive parents

mabm ha tas mêthryn phr foster-parents

mamoleth f motherhood, maternity

myrgh wydn f myrhas gwydn granddaughter

nes'hevyn ‖ (nessevyn) m & col close kin

tasegeth fatherhood


ahydhieth genealogy

bos devedhys a2 phr be descended from

gorvap m gorvebyon descendant

hendasm hendasow ‖ forefather, ancestor (also used in sense 'grandfather')

henvam ‖ f henvabmow ancestress (also used in sense 'grandmother')


ambos demedhy m engagement, betrothal

avês dhe briosoleth phr extramarital

benyn brias (benyn nowyth) bride

benyn dhydhemeth f benenes dydhemeth unmarried woman, spinster

bysow ambos m besewow engagement ring

bysow demedhyans m besewow wedding ring

den dydhemeth (bachler) m tus dhydhemeth unmarried man, bachelor

dydhemeth adj unmarried

gool demedhyans m golyow wedding reception

gour prias (den nowyth) bridegroom

gwiasva cafos carorieth f gwiasvaow dating website

interdemedhy ‖ intermarry

kerdhes in mes gans phr date (sb)

kerensa gudh f affair

kescar m/separation; separate intr

kesparneth dynasek civil partnership

lies gourekadj polyandrous


liesgwregekadj polygamous


maghteth prias f meghtydhyon bridesmaid

maryach m maryajys marriage (event or state); wedding

mis mel honeymoon

paja m pajys pageboy

priosol adj marital

priosoleth f marriage (state)

ro demedhyans m royow wedding present

tanta woo, court (incl figuratively)

tesen demedhyans wedding cake

trevnor maryach m trevnoryon matchmaker


broder dâ m breder dhâ brother-in-law

deuv m deuvyon son-in-law

gùhyth f gùhydhow daughter-in-law

whor dre laha f wheryth sister-in-law


benefyt flehes child benefit

daslif reflux

dyreth adj illegitimate

dyrethter illegitimacy

dywynsa flehyk phr burp a baby 

flogh bohes y vloodh m flehes toddler


floghva dëdh f floghvaow day nursery


gwith mêthryn foster care

leth brodn breast milk

leth furvel formula [milk]

mageres f mageresow nursemaid, nanny

tasecter paternity

wardhegor m wardhegoryon teenager


mab besyth m mebyon godson

mabm besyth f mabmow godmother

myrgh besyth f myrhas goddaughter

tas besyth m tasow godfather


côta arvow (scochon) m côtys coat of arms

loscagh ‖ incest

loscahusadj incestuous (incl figuratively)

omdhevatty m omdhevatiow orphanage

serhak (serghyas) m serhogyon dependant



anorak m anoracow anorak

brehel cot phr short-sleeve

bretlyn nappy

caftan m caftanow kaftan

cagoul m cagoulys cagoule

côta brâs côtys overcoat

côta glaw m côtys raincoat

cris brithlenm crisyow lumberjack shirt

cris pôlô m crisyow polo shirt

cyvyl livery

dygeyn adj backless

dylajas clothing, raiment

dylasek adj sartorial

dyllas brav (Cala' Mê) m dylajow finery

dyllas dastewynya m dylajow reflective clothing

dyllas dràg m dylajow drag

dyllas dyffres m dylajow protective clothing

dyllas efander m dylajow spacesuit

dyllas gwlân m dylajow woollens

dyllas nos pl sleepwear, pyjamas

dyllas omvadhya m dylajow bathing costume

dyllas parys m dylajow off-the-peg clothing

dyllas powes dylajow casual clothing

dyllas powes teg m dylajow smart casual (dress code)

dyllas wor'musur m dylajow made-to-measure clothing

dyvrehel adj sleeveless

garnsy m garnsys jersey, sweater

jerkyn dyvrehel m jerkyns gilet

jerkyn kewlettys m jerkyns padded jacket

jerkyn kewlettys dyvrehel m jerkyns bodywarmer

gon bath m gonow bathrobe

gon (mantel) chambour m gonow dressing-gown

gon cùsca m gonow nightdress, nightie

gon cùsca bian m gonow negligee

gon cùsca boll m gonow see-though negligee

gon hir (crispows ‖ oferyas) m gonow cassock

gorthlawadj rainproof


hevys m hevysyow smock; loose shirt

hevys hewel melen m hevysyow reflective jacket

hosan f hosanow thick sock

hosan pedn glin f hosanow knee sock

jerkyn brithlenm jerkyns lumberjack jacket

jerkyn jynygor m jerkyns donkey jacket

jerkyn lyw m jerkyns blazer

jerkyn nos m jerkyns pyjama top

lavrak gobonya m lavregow jogging pants

lavrak gwlanen m lavregow flannels

lavrak lows pedn glinm lavregow knickerbockers

lavrak nos m lavregow pyjama bottom

lavrak raglen m lavregow dungarees

mantel f mentylly mantle, wrap

mantel chy f mentylly house coat

neyjwysk swimwear

parca (anorak Inûyt) m parcaow parka

pengûgh m pengûhow hooded cloak

poltrega poltregas gaiter; legging

poltrega gwlanek m poltregas legwarmer

qweth f qwethow garment

qweth awartha f qwethow top

qweth awoles f qwethow bottom (bikini etc)

qwetha cover up

sarong m sarongow sarong

sâry m sârys sari

sewt dewdharn two-piece suit

sewt gwary rompers

sewt hazmat hazmat suit

sewt manlînek (manlînednekpin-striped suit

sewt onen onesie

sewt resegva tracksuit

sewt sodhva lounge suit

sewt trehor tailor-made / bespoke suit

sewt trydarn three-piece suit

tâl cris shirt front

tôga (mantel Roman) togaow toga

tûtû m tûtûs tutu


y dhyllas gwella phr one's Sunday best


borawyskmorning dress, top hat and tails

colmen dhu f black tie (dinner jacket)

colmen wydn f white tie 

côta losten m côtys cutaway

frokcôtam frokcôtys ‖ frock coat

gon dauns jentyl gonow ball gown

gon demedhyans m gonow wedding dress

gon gordhuwher m gonow evening gown

gwysk gordhuwher evening dress

jerkyn kyndyow m jerkyns dinner jacket

pows cocktail f powsyow cocktail dress

pows vian dhu f powsyow bian du little black dress


a-ugh an dhêwlin phr above the knee

brèst dobyl phr double-breasted

bys i'n dhewufern phr ankle-length

codna pôlô phr polo / turtle / roll neck

codna V phr V neck

gwremlînenf gwremlînednow  hemline

in dadn an dhêwlin phr below the knee

isel y godna phr low-cut

lînen codna f lînednow neckline

nans an dhywvron phr cleavage

scoodh-nothadj off-the-shoulder


copîs copîsyow fly

goles trailys turn-up (trousers)

gùdhùgen f gùdhùgednow collar

gùsset m gùssettys gusset

lappan m lappanow lapel

plegen f plegednow pleat

pocket brèst m pockettys breast pocket

pocket casel m pockettys inside pocket (jacket)


bocla buckle

botodna button [up]

boton crack botodnow popper

cabester codna phr halter neck

cabester scoodh m cabestrow shoulder strap

cacha m cachys catch

colmen vlew f colmednow blew hair clip

dylâcya unlace

dyvocla unbuckle

dyvotodna unbutton

dyzyppya unzip

galosys pl braces

garget m gargettys garter; suspender

gwara mercer m haberdashery

kevren ragvrehel m kevrenyon cuff-link

lethren f lethrednow leather strap

mercer m mercers haberdasher

spanga m spangys clasp, buckle

stùd m stùddys stud

zyppya zip [up]


acrylyk acrylic

brethyn kêrek m twill

brethyn tre tweed

brithlenf brithlednow ‖ plaid, tartan


calycô calico


conyngenrabbit skin

corden rûy corduroy

debrys gans gowdhanas phr moth-eaten

denêr denier

denym (coton kêrek) denim

elastân m elastane

ermyn ermine

fâlspaly ‖ (velvetîn) velveteen

felt felt

fîbrow serus pl man-made fibre

gwlân angora col angora [wool]

gwlân cashmîr col cashmere [wool]

gwlân merînô col merino wool

gwlân ôn col lambswool

jyn-wolhadowadj machine washable

kewlettya quilt

kewlettyans quilting


lether swed suede [leather]

letherweyth leatherwork

lobm y neus phr threadbare

mùslyn muslin

nîlon nylon

noppa nap


penydnow lien pl offcuts

poliester polyester



satyn satin

shyfon chiffon


voyl voile

worstyd worsted


basnet gwlân m basnettys balaclava

bonet m bonettys bonnet

cappa Bask m cappys beret

cappa pel vâss m cappys baseball cap

cappa topydnek m cappys peaked cap

coverchyf m coverchyvys headscarf

cûgh m cûhow crown (of hat)

dyber dowr m dybrow wide-brimmed hat

funen whës f funyow sweatband

hot cales crèn hottys bowler hat

hot owrlyn m hottys top hat

pednwyscasheadgear (general)

pednwyscasbenenes millinery

pednwyscor ‖ (mylanor) m penwyscoryon milliner

pednwyskheadgear (specific)

tog m togow cap

veylya veil


areskys f areskyjyow galosh

arhenas footwear

botas dowr col botasen gumboots, Wellington boots

botas kentryn col botasen hobnail boots

corn eskyjyow m kern shoehorn

eskyjyow pyskessa pl waders

eskys bës-gîk f eskyjyow peep-toe shoe

eskys bësnothf eskyjyow open toe shoe

eskys dygil f eskyjyow mule

eskys kilgron ‖ f eskyjyow sling-back shoe

eskys lÿs f eskyjyow court shoe, pump

eskys mynk f eskyjyow platform shoe

eskys predn f eskyjyow clog

flyp-flop ‖ m flyp-flops  flip-flop

gothen aberveth f gothnow in-sole

gwartha eskys m gwarthavyon vamp

lethren eskys f lethrednow bootstrap

sandal m sandalys sandal

seulyow uhel pl high heels 

whybanor crohen whybanoryon moccasin


clout lygyon m cloutys string

corset m corsettys corset

dyllas nessa m dylajow underwear

dyllas nessa benenes m dylajow lingerie

dyllas nessa thermek m dylajow thermal underwear

golesen f golesednow petticoat

golesen Vask f golesednow Bask basque

islavrak  hir m islavregow  long johns

ispows ‖ (vesta) f ispowsyow  vest

lavrak boxesor m lavregow boxers

lavregyn cron m lavregydnow thong

pows nessa f powsyow slip


agât agate

alexandrît m alexandrîtyow alexandrite

amber amber

amethyst m amethystyow amethyst

barrboosm barrbosow  barbell

beryl m berylyow beryl

beryl glaswerm berylyow aquamarine

bysow troos m besewow toe ring

cameô m cameôs cameo

citrîn m citrînyow citrine

emerod m emeros emerald

euryor ardhorn m euryoryon wristwatch

florednyk f florenygow locket

garnet m garnettys garnet

gèm m gemow gem


jaspys jasper

Jewelys an Gùrun pl Crown Jewels

kelhen f kelhednow necklace

lonethven ‖ (jêd) m lonethveyn ‖ jade

onyx onyx

opal m opalys opal

perydot m perydotyow peridot

rûby m rûbys ruby

safîr m safîrow sapphire

stùd m stùddys stud

tansanît m tansanîtyow tanzanite

tegen grog f tegednow crog pendant

topas m topasow topaz

tredanvenm tredanveyn ‖ tourmaline

zyrcon m zyrcons zircon


aflenter adj matte

blew fâls (fâls-gols, perûk) col wig, toupee

bleyn ewyn creftus m bleynow artificial / false nail tip

bord emery m bordys emery board

cockyn m cockydnow bun (hair)

crùllyor m crùllyoryon curler

dehen fâss face cream

dehen glanhecleansing cream

dehen yêyn cold cream

dowr dyvarva wheg aftershave

dyblysca exfoliate

dyghtyans dêwla manicure

dyghtyans treys pedicure

dyvenymya detox

euthcudydnowpl dreadlocks

gevel vian f gevelyow bian tweezers

gis mehal mullet

glebyor m glebyoryon moisturizer

golowylyon pl glitter

gwlân coton col cotton wool

gwyscas gwyscosow coat (varnish)

istynor m istynoryon stretcher

iswyscas m iswyscosow undercoat (varnish)

kystednyk f kystenygow compact

lethren lebma f lethrednow razor strop

liv ewynas lîvyow nail file

lost merhyk lostow ponytail

lyw lagasow eye shadow

lyw tremyn rouge

mascara mascara

pedncolm ‖ m pencolmow ‖ topknot

perm perm

permya perm

pyllen blew f pylednow fringe, bangs (hair)

pyncel lînedna m pyncels eye liner

radnans parting

remuvyor vernys ewynas nail varnish remover

scrip golhy m scryppys dressing case

sehador blew m sehadoryon hair dryer

settya v set (permed hair)

shampû ha settyans phr shampoo and set

tekheor m tekheoryon beautician

tellyans telyansow piercing

tremlywans gwary face painting

triakel balm

vernys ewynas nail varnish

vernyshya varnish


aparell outfit

bond (band) ardhorn m bondys wristband

brodn-nothadj topless

caglys adj muddy (boots, clothing)

cryghdorgh ‖ m cryghdergh ruff

cùppa m cùppys cup (brassiere)

gowyskys adj underdressed

gorwyskys adj overdressed

lacka m lackys ladder (in stocking etc)

lobm-nothadj stark naked

mailys y lagasow phr blindfolded

medal m medalys medal

minwyscagag, muzzle (incl figuratively)

nothwibyorm nothwibyoryon ‖ streaker

pompom m pompoms pompom

roscolmm roscolmow ‖ rosette

sagh dyllas m seghyer holdall

sahyk corden m sahygow reticule

serthor gùdhùgen m serthoryon collar stiffener

stay m stayes support

tampon m tampons tampon

ternoth adj half-naked

tevy in mes a2 phr outgrow (clothing)

towal amseryow m towellow sanitary towel



andebradow adj inedible

boos dyghtys processed food

boos gordhyghtys ultra-processed food

boos podradow perishables

cafasys adj canned, tinned

debradow adj edible

debry in boosty phr eat out

dewetha dëdh gwertha phr sell-by date

dewetha dëdh ûsya phr use-by date

dry mes a jy phr take away Note phrases [boosty] dry mes a jy = takeaway [restaurant], [prës] dry mes a jy = takeaway [meal]

evadow (pôtabyl) adj potable, drinkable

genynjaunjysadj genetically modified (GM)

methor (vytellyor) m methoryon caterer

methorieth (vytellyans) f catering

omservyans self-service

oos estyllen shelf life

penys m/v no inflection fast(ing)

pesak adj off (fresh food, milk etc)

podradow adj perishable

qwoffy overeat

strîkvoosfast food

vêgan adj/m vêgans vegan

vêganieth veganism

vytellya cater for


con f conyow evening dinner (especially formal)

cowlhawnsel  Sowsnek full English [breakfast]

prës airen in-flight meal

prës tê tea

sopya sup

tùch tê tea break


airgogorm airgogoryon ‖ air fryer

astell dyvynya f estyll chopping board

bason pùdyn m basons pudding basin

ber m beryow spit

bolla kemysky m bollys mixing bowl

braisya braise

broylya broil

bryjyon yn cosel phr stew

calesverwy hard-boil

calesy set (honey, jelly etc)

cana pobas m canys baking tin

cana rôstya m canys roasting tin

caramelîsa caramelize

casserôl m casserôlyow casserole

casserôlya casserole

check m checkys kettle, pan

codnek kegynieth culinary skills

coffen f coffednow pie-dish

cogor tan lent m cogoryon slow cooker

cowyn m cowydnow mould (for jelly etc)

crasa toast

crybba crimp

dehedna cream

dîcya dice

diogel rag forn phr ovenproof

dornel f dornellow whisk, beater

dornella whisk

dyghtyor boos m dyghtyoryon food processor

dyrewy defrost

dyruskel f dyruskellow peeler

dyvynya chop; mince

eurweder oy m eurwedrow  egg-timer

forn wynsel f fornow gwynsel fan-assisted oven

fria freth phr sauté

fusta beat, whip

garnyshya garnish

garnyshyans garnish

gasverk gas mark

gevel f gevelyow tongs

glew'he clarify

gorma brown

gorra in glegh phr marinate

govryjyon simmer

gwascogor m gwascogoryon pressure cooker

gwaskel f gwaskellow squeezer

kenen gweder f kenednow glaze

kigbrenm kigbrednyer  skewer

lesvryjyon parboil

lo predn f loyow wooden spoon

loya spoon

medhelverwy v soft-boil

men tobm m meyn hob, hotplate

padel heb glena phr non-stick pan

padel tew hy goles phr thick base pan

padel pôchya oyow f padellow egg poacher

paper gorthsaymgreaseproof paper

plysca shell

pôchya poach

podyk kemysky m podygow liquidizer, blender

ragtobma preheat

ramkyn m ramkyns ramekin (ramequin)

rathel f rathellow grater

rathella grate

rolbren  toos m rolbrednyer ‖ rolling-pin

ros trehy f rosow cutter (for pizza)

rydra (serjya) sift

salla salt

sallys (sellys) gans mog phr smoked

saymya grease

scudel pasty f scudellow pie dish

sêsna season

set a bosow m settys set of weights

spadel f spadellow spatula

sythel losow m sythlow colander

tanow'he gans dowr phr water down

ura baste


amanydna butter

baget m bagettys baguette

bara cogh brown bread

bara creft artisan bread

bara gwydn (càn) white bread

bara sugal rye bread

bara ha brag phr malted bread

bara ha has phr seeded bread

bara toos trenk sourdough bread

bara trehys sliced bread

baramanyn bread and butter

bleus ha derevel ino phr self-raising flour

bord bara m bordys bread board

bragys adj malted

burm [sëghcol yeast (for baking)

byskyt alamand byskyttys macaroon

byskyt cales m byskyttys rusk

byskyt crygh m byskyttys cream cracker

byskyt fer m byskyttys fairing

byskyt Garibaldi m byskyttys Garibaldi biscuit

byskyt gôus m byskyttys digestive biscuit

byskyt gôus choclet m byskyttys chocolate digestive

cappa brows m crumble (topping) Note phrases lavalow cappa brows = apple crumble, trenkles cappa brows = rhubarb crumble, etc

coffen brows f coffednow crumble (dessert)

coffen lavalow f coffednow apple pie

coffen merang lymon f coffednow lemon meringue pie

collel bara f kellyl bread knife

doyly m doylys doily

fùgen Dhanek f fùgednow Danek Danish pastry

gwaneth Frynk col buckwheat

gwastell f gwastellow wafer

gwastell Gernowek f gwastellow Kernowek Cornish wafer

heb glûten phr gluten free

heb gwel phr unleavened

jyn bara m jynys breadmaker

jyn breghtan m jynys sandwich maker

jyn crasa m jynys toaster

kestew batter

kyst bara f kystyow bread bin

leunvleusadj wholemeal

luhesen choclet f luhesednow chocolate éclair

papadùm m papadùms poppadom

past brew shortcrust pastry

past cawl choux pastry

past pyff puff pastry

pasty brewvoos ‖ (fyges) m pastys mince pie

pellen fyges f pelednow plum pudding

polter tesen cake mix (packet)

profyterol m profyterolyow profiterole

pùdyn an vyternes queen's pudding, queen of puddings

pùdyn coryns sov spotted dick

pùdyn Eva Eve's pudding

pùdyn macarôny macaroni pudding

pùdyn melen cabinet pudding

pùdyn Nadelyk Christmas pudding

pùdyn riss m rice pudding

pùdyn sâgû sago pudding

pùdyn semolîna semolina pudding

pùdyn sov suet pudding

pùdyn tapyôca m tapioca pudding

pùdyn triakel treacle pudding

sensor tesednow m sensoryon cake stand

sponj Vyctôrya Victoria sponge

tart kyfeth m tartys jam tart

tesen arow f tesednow garow rock cake

tesen basty vian f tesednow pasty bian small fruit pie

tesen carwê seed cake

tesen cùppa f tesednow cup cake

tesen dehen f tesednow cream cake

tesen fenester Battenberg cake

tesen fyges (frûtys) scav light fruit cake, cut and come again cake

tesen fyges (frûtys) tewl rich fruit cake

tesen gales dowr f tesednow cales water biscuit

tesen gales Maria f tesednow cales Marie biscuit

tesen gales Nice f tesednow cales Nice biscuit

tesen gales tê f tesednow cales rich tea biscuit

tesen geus cheesecake

tesen Nadelyk Christmas cake

tesen pînaval  awartha dhe woles f pineapple upside- down cake

tesen sponj sponge cake 

tesen velen (Madêra) Madeira cake

tesen vreghtan sandwich cake

tesen vrew shortbread

toos tesen cake mix

torth bagasyk f torthow batch loaf

torth chy tiak f torthow farmhouse loaf

torth hasek f torthow seeded loaf

torth jynjyber gingerbread

torth penty f torthow cottage loaf

torth vlejyowa f torthow blejyowa bloomer

torth vrag malt loaf

torthen (tesen) Crows f torthednow hot cross bun

torthen gernek (crwassont) torthednow kernek croissant

torthen (tesen) tê cras f torthednow toasted teacake

torthen (tesen) Veljan f torthednow Beljan Belgian bun

wafel m waflys waffle

wrap m wrappyow wrap


bohes berry phr low-fat

bord keus m bordys cheeseboard

carr leth m kerry milk float

clogh keus m clegh cheese bell

collel keus f kellyl cheese knife

crampeth oy col crempethen omelettes

darbar tedha keus fondue set

dedhwys nowyth phr freshly laid

dehen dewblek double cream 

dehen fustys whipped cream

dehen rag fusta phr whipping cream

dehenva (dehenjy ‖) f dehenvaow creamery

dydhehen adj skimmed

frankresadj free-range

glus keus cheese spread

gwydn oy egg-white

hanter-dydhehen ‖ adj semi-skimmed

heb bos (nag yw) pastêrys phr unpasteurized

heb bos (nag yw) sellys phr unsalted

heb perthy shùgra leth phr lactose intolerant

kasêyn casein

kesehen (unsort) adj homogenized

keus blou blue cheese

keus dyghtys processed cheese

keus Parma Parmesan cheese

keus pebys Welsh rarebit

keus penty cottage cheese

kish m kîshys quiche

leth bragys malted milk, Horlicks®

leth buwgh cows' milk

leth cowlys curds, junket

leth davas sheep's milk

leth gavar goats' milk

leth glas buttermilk

leth saworys flavoured milk

lethek adj milky

lethor m lethoryon milkman

lethsconusadj lactose intolerant

lethsconusterm lactose intolerance

lethvowes ‖ (lethvyrgh ) f lethvowysy milkmaid

lêty m lêtiow dairy

leunlethwhole milk

levryth fresh milk

melen oy [egg] yolk

meyth whey

oyow Benet pl eggs Benedict

padel tedha fondue (cheese)

pastêrya pasteurize

polter leth powdered milk

qwark quark

sallys (sellys) scav phr lightly salted

sosten lêty dairy products

trevas wydn dairy produce


asow bryny col spare-ribs

backen keyn back bacon

backen labol streaky bacon

bord kervya Sul Sunday carvery

bowyngiggreunhëscorned beef


brewgig Hamborg hamburger(s)

bros Lerpoll lobscouse

casserôl m casserôlyow casserole

cracklyn crackling

cryhy crimp (pasty)

deveras dripping

fagas col fagosen faggots (also firewood)

frias m friosow fry-up

gosek adj rare

gosek cres phr medium rare

gyew col gristle

golyth backen (mogh) m golythyon bacon rasher

golyth bowyn m golythyon [beef] steak

golyth melys m golythyon sweetbread

golyth ôn m golythyon lamb chop

golyth porhel m golythyon pork chop

golyth Sul m Sunday roast

gosogen f gosogednow black pudding, blood sausage

gosogen wydn gosogednow gwydn white pudding

hagys m haggis

hàm ham


pasty bugel m pastys shepherd's pie, cottage pie

padel tedha Borgaynek fondue (oil)

pasty bowyn ha cor m pastys steak and ale pie

pasty brewgig ‖ m pastys minced beef pie

pasty Kernowek m pastys Cornish pasty

pasty keus hag onyon m pastys cheese and onion pie

pasty porhel m pastys pork pie

pasty yar ha scavel m pastys chicken and mushroom pie

patâtys ha kig phr hotpot

pellen brewgig ‖ f pelednow meatball

penydnow kig pl offcuts

podyk sùgan kig m podygow gravy boat

potrôst ‖ pot roast

pùdyn Evrok m pùdyns Yorkshire pudding

rôstys cres phr medium

rôstys dâ phr well done

rudhygen f rudhygednow rissole

salamy salami

scabygùllyon meat and potato stew

selsyk ha brows phr sausage and mash

selsyk in kestew phr toad in the hole

stêk fylet m stêkys fillet steak

stêk pedren rump steak

stêk syrloyn m stêkys sirloin steak

sùgan kig gravy

tomgy tomgeun hotdog

toos kig meat paste

trîpa m trîpys tripe

troth bowyn beef extract


bës pysk m besias fish finger

carlath (morgath, talver) m carlathow skate

carlath trylost m carlathow common skate

cavyar caviar

cocla m coclys cockle

crogen an prieryn scallop(s)

dreynak mor m dreynogas sea bass

ganow cabm m anchovy, anchovies

garrlythcol garrlithen  Dover sole

garrlyth  leven col garrlythen  lemon sole

gwigh col gwihen [peri]winkles

gwigh mogh col gwihen whelks

lêthan milt, soft roe

lobmas (cressyor, crobmen, tagflogh ‖) m lomasow small bream

lynbysk m lynbùscas carp

mehal rudh m mehylly red mullet

meskel col mesclen mussels

meurlyth m meurlythas halibut

morvanagh m morvenegh monkfish

pednloos m penlosas grayling

pollak (dojel) m pologas pollock

pysk gam m pùscas game fish

pysk garow m pùscas coarse fish

scad m scaddys horse mackerel

scampy scampi

sew m sewyon bream

styfak m styfogas squid

talak eskelly gwydn m talogas dace

talak eskelly rudh m talogas roach

tesen pysk f tesednow fish-cake

toos pysk fish paste

tranch m tranchys tench


arvak an lowarth f rocket

barv managh frisée, curly endive

beler dowr col watercress

beler lowarth col garden cress, mustard and cress

bros losowek vegetable stew

brows tettys col [potato] mash

brows tettys ha cavach phr bubble and squeak

cas-beler col wintercress

cavach Savoy m Savoy cabbage 

cawl crygh col cawlen curly kale

cùcùmysyk cùcùmysygow gherkin

egydnow fav pl bean-sprouts

fav (fâ) Frynkek col faven runner beans

fav (fâ) gwydn col faven butter beans

fav (fâ) ledan col faven broad beans

fav (fâ) loneth col faven kidney beans

fenokel (fenyl) mor sea fennel, rock samphire

gwredhlosow ‖ col gwredhlosowen ‖ root vegetables

gwygbÿs col gwygbysen chickpeas

kegys wheg col kegysen celery

keler mogh col keleren truffles

kenyn col kenynen leeks

kenyn syvy col chives

kykery chicory

kykery del endive

kykery del ledan escarole

kykery Italyan radicchio

lethyk col lethygen lettuce

letys del derow col letysen oak leaf lettuce

letys del derow bian col letysen baby oak leaf lettuce

letys del hir (cosletys ‖) col letysen cos lettuce(s)

letys meneth rew col letysen iceberg lettuce(s)

letys ôn col letysen lamb's lettuce, corn salad

losowen an el f angelica

merlosow col merlosowen asparagus

onyon ewynak col onyonen shallots

oyblansm oyblansow ‖ aubergine, eggplant

patâta in y grohen phr jacket potato

patâta wheg m patâtys sweet potato

pompyon knowmanynm pompyons butternut squash

pÿs melen col pysen velen red lentils

pysednek m pysenegyon legume

salad cavach m coleslaw

sampyer an gors marsh samphire

soy soya

tesen patâta f tesednow hash brown

tùrnyp col tùrnypen turnip(s) But in Cornwall usually swede(s)

yos (yoj) pÿs m pease pudding


aval kerensa goodh m avallow cherry tomato 

avocâdô m avocâdôs avocado

bewesen (bewyn) pith


cocktail frûtys fruit cocktail

corynt rudh m coryns redcurrant

fyges an howl col raisins

fyges Corynt (grappys Corynt, coryns) col fygesen currants

fyges ledan col fygesen dried figs

fyges rial (datys) col fygesen dates

fyges sôdones col fygesen sultanas

glasplùmenf glasplùmednow  greengage

glus aval kerensa tomato purée

greunavalm greunavallow ‖ pomegranate

greunavallykm greunavalygow ‖ passion fruit

grows col growsen gooseberries

growsen Chînek (Cathay) f growsednow kiwi[fruit]

gwâva m gwâvaow guava

iryn col irynen sloes

lychy m lychys lychee

nectarîn m nectarînow nectarine

owravalChînek (Cathay) m owravallow ‖ mandarin orange

owravallykm owravalygow ‖ kumquat

plùmen dhamask f plùmednow damask damson

pompyon mel m pompyons honeydew melon

qwyn m qwynys quince

salad frûtys fruit salad

scala frûtys scalys fruit bowl

shadok m shadogow pomelo, shaddock

sows avallow apple sauce

tanjerîn m tanjerînow tangerine

yos (yoj) avallow stewed apple, apple sauce


has carwê col caraway seeds 

has anîs col aniseed

has cùsklescol poppy seeds

has du col niger (nyjer) seeds

has greunavalcol pomegranate seeds

has howl-lescol sunflower seeds

has mell col millet seeds

know Brasîl col knofen Brazil nuts

know cashew col knofen cashew nut

know coll col knofen hazelnuts, cobnuts

know Frynk col knofen walnuts

know Macadam col knofen macadamia nuts

know pystachyô col knofen pistachios

sesamê sesame

sprus col sprusen kernels


camîl col camomile

del bay col dêlen bay-leaves

fenokel (fenyl) fennel

fenokel Grêca fenugreek

fenyl angùs dill

jasmyn jasmine

losowen an mytern basil

organs marjoram

organs gwyls oregano

persyl col parsley

persyl Chînek (Cathay) col coriander

rôsmary rosemary

rûta rue

sawja col sage

taragon tarragon

tim thyme

tomenta peppermint


canel cinnamon

clovas clove(s)

cùmyn cumin

greun puber col greunen peppercorns

knofen mùscat f nutmeg

ollspîss (puber Jamaica) allspice

paprîca paprika

plysken wheg mace

safron (safern) saffron

safron Eyndek turmeric

sows KerwrangonWorcester sauce

sows soy soy sauce


amanyn cler ghee, clarified butter

aysel triakel balsamic vinegar

barlys perlys col pearl barley

berry hydrogenys hydrogenated fat

blesyon pl flavouring(s)

bleus ÿs cornflour

brag malt

brùdnyon pl oatmeal

burm glëb col brewer's yeast

couscous couscous

crefheor saworen m crefheoryon flavour enhancer

emolsyth m emolsydhyon emulsifier

essens vanyla vanilla essence

fastyth m fastydhyon stabilizer

gorthoxîdythm gorthoxîdydhyon  antioxidant

hopys col hops

hyly (brin) brine

iskel stock

jelatyn gelatin

kèn gwin cream of tartar

know côcô dydhowrys desiccated coconut

kyfethyn m kyfethydnow preservative

main gorthprylm mainys anti-caking agent

margarîn margarine

mehyn lard

oyl avocâdô avocado oil

oyl grappa grapeseed oil

oyl howl-les ‖ (losow howl) sunflower oil

oyl kedhow gwel rapeseed oil

oyl know côcô coconut oil

oyl know dor peanut oil

oyl losow vegetable oil

oyl palm [rudh] [red] palm oil

oyl sesamê sesame oil

oyl soy soyabean oil

oyl ÿs corn oil

polter choclet chocolate powder; drinking chocolate

polter gwel (pobas) baking powder

poltrys adj powdered

riss Arboryô Arborio rice

riss cogh brown rice

riss du black rice

riss Eyndek basmati rice

riss glusek sticky / glutinous rice

riss greun berr short-grain rice

riss greun hir long-grain rice

riss gwydn (càn) white rice

riss jasmyn jasmine rice

riss pùdyn pudding rice

riss saworek fragrant / aromatic rice

rusk shùgrys (gwrysus) col candied peel

semolîna semolina

sethwrëdh ‖ col arrowroot

sov suet

sugal col rye

talgh bran

tapyôca tapioca


amanyn caramel butterscotch

banâna feljys banana split

blew shùgra col candyfloss

chocaholyk m chocaholygyon chocaholic

choc rew choc ice

choclet gwyras m choclettys chocolate liqueur 

choclet ha leth phr milk chocolate

cowles gwydn col cowlesen wydn blancmange

cowles oy col cowlesen egg custard

glusyn gwin m glusydnow wine gum

greunshùgragranulated sugar

kemmer kemmysk phr pick ’n’ mix

lehësy shùgra phr reduced sugar

loly rew m lolys ice lolly

lolypop m lolypopys lollipop

lycorys liquorice

malow melys col malowen velys marshmallow(s)

mel cler clear honey


mentyn wosa kydnyow m mentydnow after-dinner mint

merang m merangs meringue

nogat nougat

pùdyn Melba peach melba

rewdhehenfrûtys sundae

sacarîn saccharine

shùgra molâss Demerara sugar

shùgra mon caster sugar

shùgra whegrew icing sugar

shùgrus adj sugary

sorbê m sorbet

sùgan gwynyol maple syrup

toos alamandys marzipan

triakel treacle

trufyl wheg trifle


bolhen coffy f bolhednow coffee capsule

box tê m boxys tea caddy

brow coffy m browyow coffee grinder

cafîn caffeine

capùchînô (coffy cùgol) m capùchînôs cappuccino

cawdarn tê m cawdarns tea urn

coffy Amerycan Americano

coffy choclet mocha

coffy gwydn flat flat white

coffy kykery camp coffee

coffy rew iced coffee

coffy sythlys filter coffee, percolated coffee

cùppa m cùppys teacup

cùppa coffy m cùppys coffee cup

dydhehen adj skinny

dygafîn adj decaffeinated

espressô (coffy gwask) m espressôs espresso

ewony froth

greun coffy col coffee granules

growjyon coffy pl [used] coffee grounds

hanaf dasûsadow m hanavow reusable cup

jyn coffy m jynys coffee maker

lattê (coffy leth) latte

polter coffy coffee powder

pot coffy m pottys coffee pot

pot espressô m podygow espresso jug

sagh tê m seghyer teabag

sythel coffy m sythlow coffee percolator

sythel sedhy m sythlow cafetière

sythel tê m sythlow tea strainer

tanyn tannin

tê Bergam Earl Grey [tea]

tê camîl camomile tea

 fenyl fennel tea

tê gwer green tea

tê jasmyn jasmine tea

tê lavalow apple tea

tê menta mint tea


alcoholyk adj alcoholic (ginger beer etc)

badna bian phr a wee dram

chy brîhy m treven brewery

cordyal cordial

coref jynjyber ginger beer

cresygow crygh pl crinkle-cut crisps

deveryn dowr tobm phr tot of whisky

dewas jynjyber ginger ale

dewas lymon lemonade

dialcohol phr non-alcoholic

dowr tonyk tonic water


dewas crev m dewosow alcoholic drink

ganso y honen phr straight

gròg grog

gwin Madêra Madeira

gwin moos table wine

gwin tobm mulled wine

gwyras fuelen absinthe

gwyras udn brag single malt [whisky]

gwyras wosa kydnyow phr liqueur

ha rew phr on the rocks

lymon wherow m bitter lemon

medh mead

medhow dall phr blind drunk

medhowy intoxicate

musur dobyl phr double

pednlasfinest liquor

podyk coref m podygow beer mug

pùnch punch

seyfon m seyfonow siphon

shandy shandy

sherbet m sherbettys sherbet

sôda soda

spadel f spadellow stirrer

styllva styllvaow distillery

styllya distil

tedna corkyn phr uncork

udn musur phr single


bolla shùgra m bollys sugar bowl

canstel bara f canstellow bread basket

clos (rack) crasednow f clojow toast rack

collel amanyn f kellyl butter knife

collel baramanyn f kellyl bread-and-butter knife

daffar moos tableware

forgh pùdyn f fergh (ferhy) dessert fork

forgh tesen f fergh (ferhy) cake fork

gevel shùgra f gevelyow sugar tongs

lo pùdyn f loyow dessert spoon

lo servya f loyow tablespoon

lo servya tesen f loyow cake server

lo tê f loyow teaspoon

melyn puber f melynyow pepper mill

padel holan f padellow salt cellar

padel kedhow f padellow mustard pot

padel oy f padellow egg cup

plât adenewen m plâtyow side plate

plât cowl m plâtyow soup plate

plât kydnyow m plâtyow dinner plate

podyk leth m podygow milk jug

sawor Eyndek chutney

scala cowl scalys tureen

scudel servya f scudellow serving dish

sêsnans dressing

tallyour m tallyours platter

tallyour arhans m tallyours silver salver

tendyor m tendyoryon waiter


bewdern m bewdernow refectory, canteen

boosva m boosvaow mess, canteen

egorva f egorvaow service hatch

rastelva f rastelvaow grill[room]

saloun m salouns saloon [bar]

servys i'n chambour phr room service


asvlas aftertaste

bêwa pell phr long-life

boos garow roughage

bragesy (bùrmya) ferment

carbohydrâtcarbohydrâtow  carbohydrate

carton m cartons carton

cowl cùppa instant soup

cresygow talgh (telghyon) pl bran flakes

cresygow ÿs pl cornflakes

cowlak adj/m cowlogyon glutton(ous)

dasrewy refreeze

debry heb fînweth phr all you can eat

devôrya devour

dewas smoth (smôthyn, smôdhy) m dewosow smoothie

diascorn adj boneless, filleted

dyvotter famine

gastronôm m gastronômow gastonome

gastronomyk adj gastronomic

glotny gluttony

gloton m glotons glutton

glus know dor peanut butter

godhas m godhojyon dregs

gwara spîcer m groceries

gwinlanf gwinladnow ‖ vineyard

infûsyon m infûsyons infusion

lewa wolf [down], devour

mûsly muesli

noryshya nourish

patê pâté

pesky gans lo phr spoon-feed (especially figuratively)

pigor dens m pigoryon toothpick

plysk col plysken shells (nuts, eggs); pods (peas)

prôtên m prôtênow protein

prôtên shakys protein shake

pylaw pilau (pilaf)

pylaw Spaynek paella

pylyon pl peelings

saworyth m saworydhyon gourmet

scùllyon boos (sersyow) pl leftovers

sehyk m sehygow sachet

sordyor ewl m sordyoryon appetizer

stanchys adj sealed

tedna dhywar an vrodn phr wean

troth burm yeast extract



astell tâlenep f estyll fascia board

astell teweth f estyll weatherboard

balegva f balegvaow [overhanging] balcony

balegva Frynk f balegvaow French balcony

bùngalow m bùngalows bungalow

chy dystak m treven detached house

crowjy m crowjiow one-room house

daras adenewen m darajow side door

daras arâg m darajow front door

daras adhelergh m darajow back door

daras fenester m darajow French door(s) / window(s)

daras gorthtanm darajow fire door

daras leur m darajow trap-door

fenester derevel f fenestry sash window

fenester dormer f fenestry dormer-window

fenester to f fenestry skylight

gevelljym gevelljiow ‖ semi-detached house

gorthsogen dampcourse

grisfordhf grisfordhow stairway

gwedrans dewblek double glazing

gweyth predn woodwork

jist m jîstys joist, girder

kenkyth f kenkythyow villa

kilbostm kilbostow ‖ doorpost

kilfenesterf kilfenestry  bay-window

leghvenm leghveyn  flag[stone]

meyndy m meyndiow stone house

min an to phr eaves

morthol daras m mortholow door knocker

nenbrenm nenbrednyer  [ceiling] beam

oryel m oryels gallery

parwys m parwysy partition; party-wall

pedn an daras phr lintel (of door)

pedn an fenester phr lintel (of window)

penty m pentiow cottage

penty sowl m pentiow thatched cottage

pentys m pentysyow penthouse (all senses)

plaster m plaster

plethweyth  ha pry phr wattle and daub (historical)

poyntyans pointing

res stairys f rêsyow flight of stairs / steps

styll m styllyow rafter

tias roofing

to cala m tohow thatched roof

trùssa m trùssys truss

veranda m verandas veranda


an leur avàn (awartha) m top floor

an leur awoles ground floor

an leur cres mezzanine [floor]

an leur isella m basement

an leur kensa first floor

attêsva f attêsvaow toilet

chy bian toilet

garth m & f gardhow (gerdhyer) yard

gorstevel f gorstevelyow anteroom

hunjy m hunjiow ‖ dormitory

kegyn adhelergh (kilgegyn ‖) f kegynow scullery

kegyn wor'musur (kegyn dhesedhys) f kegynow fitted kitchen

kegynyk f kegynygow kitchenette

parleth m parledhow parlour

pedn stairys landing

pentys m pentysyow penthouse (all senses)

rom bêwa m rômys living room

rom flehes m rômys flehes playroom

rom recêva m rômys reception room

set a rômys m settys suite (hotel etc)

set demedhyans m settys bridal suite

set presydencyal m settys presidential suite

spens m spencys larder, pantry

stûdyô m stûdyôs studio

talgell f talgellow buttery, pantry


astell losten f estyll skirting-board

balùster m balùstrow banister, balustrade

clethren dadô f clethrednow dado rail

clethren pyctours f clethrednow picture rail

cofyr saw m cofrow safe

cornys m cornyssyow cornice

leur parkê parquet floor

leurlen a'n eyl fos dh'y gela phr wall-to-wall carpet

lynôleùm lino[leum]

taclow lâcys ha stagys phr fixtures and fittings

tapît m tapîtys tapestry; carpet

tapît desedhys m tapîtys fitted carpet 

valans m valancys pelmet

wainscot wainscot


amary gwely m amarys bedside cabinet

bord lestry m bordys sideboard

bord screfa m bordys writing desk, escritoire

bùffet m bùffettys corner cupboard

bûrô m bûrôs bureau

cader askellek f caderyow wing chair

chair brehek serth m chairys straight backed chair with arms

chair hir m chairys settle

chair lesca m chairys rocking-chair

chair medhel m chairys easy chair

chair serth m chairys straight backed chair

chair uhel m chairys high chair

esedhva eglos f esedhvaow pew

gorheryans mebyl upholstery

gùtrel medhel m gùtrolow soft furnishings

gwely bian m gweliow cot

gwely mynk m gweliow bunk bed

gwely nenlenm gweliow four-poster bed

kyst dyllas f kystyow chest-of-drawers

latha m lathys slat

lyverva f lyvervaow bookcase

moos omwysca f mosow dressing-table

neyth mosow m neythow nest of tables

predn gwely m prednyer bedstead

scavel pyanô f scavellow piano stool

scavel trythroos f scavellow three-legged stool

tâbel nos m tâblys bedside table

tùttyn (scavel droos / dreys) m tùttydnow footstool


cawn gwary (pyssîn flehes) m cawnow paddling pool

corlan wary f corladnow gwary play pen

margh lesca m mergh rocking-horse

pottyk m pottygow potty

presep kerdhes m presebow kerdhes carrycot

teddy-ber ‖ teddy-bers teddy[-bear]

tegen vedhel f tegednow medhel soft toy


bason omwolhy m basons washbasin 

clout omwolhy m cloutys flannel

dyllas gwely m dylajow bedclothes

floss denjak dental floss

flossya floss

gobedner (pednwely ‖) m gobeneryow pillow

golgh ganow mouthwash

gorher gobedner m gorheryow pillowcase


gwask lavrak trouser press

gwil troncas phr have a bath

is-gobedner m is-gobeneryow bolster

kewlet awartha m kewlettys bedspread, coverlet

kyst demedhy f kystyow trousseau

lûfa m lûfaow loofah

lydn seban liquid soap

men pùmys pumice [stone]

merhyk omwolhy m merhygow bidet

nappa dohajëdh m nappys afternoon nap

polter talcùm talcum powder

pot chambour m pottow chamber pot

predn towellow m prednyer towel rail

strayl gwely m straylyow bedroom rug

tedna an dowr phr flush [the toilet]

valans m valancys valance


atal boos col food waste

atal dassteusya (eylgelghya) col recycling waste

atal kemmyn col general waste

bolla salad m bollys salad bowl

bord sygera m bordys draining board

cantol tê f cantolyow tealight

caraf m carafow carafe

clogh keus m clegh cheese bell

clos (rack) sygera f clojow drying rack (for crockery)

clout lestry m cloutys dishcloth

cogen f cogednow wooden bowl

coltrebyn (cantolbren ‖, chownlerm coltrebydnyer candlestick, candelabra

crackyor know m crackyoryon nutcracker

crûet m crûettys cruet

folen (dêlen) alùmynyùm aluminium foil

gevel know f gevelyow nutcrackers (hand-held)

gwara gweder m glassware

gwynsel wakhef gwynsellow extractor fan

gwyver degea m gwyvrow wire closure

kenen vytel cling-film

kybel lestry f kyblow washing-up bowl

laun pysk m launow fish slice

lo ledan f loyow ladle

lydn golhy lestry washing-up liquid

paper kegyn kitchen toll

pycher m pychers pitcher

sagh atal seghyer bin bag / liner

scùrryor m scùrryoryon scourer

straylyk tyller m straylygow place mat

teyladow adj compostable

vessyl m vessyls vessel


aira air

airfrescorm airfrescoryon  air freshener

amary aira m amarys airing cupboard

clos (rack) aira f clojow clothes-horse, drying rack (for clothes)

clout podn m cloutys duster

dehen scùrrya cleaner (liquid)

doustya dust

dowr cana bleach

dowra rinse

dygelyonor fly paper; fly spray

ebyl dyllas m ebylyon clothes peg

êwnor padn fabric conditioner

ewonel f ewonellow spray

gorra in glegh phr put in[to] soak

gwascubylen f gwascubylednow squeegee [mop]

gwias kefnys cobweb(s)

hornella v iron

lînen dyllas f lînednow clothes line, washing line

lînen droyllek rag dyllas phr rotary clothes line

lydn dygalghhe descaler

mopya mop

omwhelseha tumble-dry

padel podn f padellow dustpan

podn dust (fine)

polter golhy washing powder

remuvyor namow stain remover

rolyor lienyow m rolyoryon mangle

scubya-sugna vacuum-clean

scùrrya scour; scrub

sebony soap

sehador omwheles (towlor seha) m sehadoryon tumble dryer

sehador troyllya m sehadoryon spin dryer

shamy m shamys chamois leather

sôda golhy ms washing soda

sôda loscus caustic soda

starchya (serthy) starch

styfyor êrosol m styfyoryon aerosol [spray]

troyllseha ‖ spin-dry


bëskenf beskednow ‖ thimble

box gwrias m boxys sewing box

crafa tack, stitch roughly

crochetya crochet

crochetyans crochet

crow najeth m crewow eye (needle)

cryghwrians smocking

cryghwrias ‖ v smock

dasqwia darn

dywria unstitch

gwerthys f gwerthyjyow spindle

gwias wàr najedhow phr knitting

gwrèm m gwremyow hem

gwremya hem

gwry m gwriow stitch (sewing); seam

heb gwry phr seamless (incl figuratively)

jyn gwrias m jynys sewing machine

jyn nedha m jynys spinning jenny

kelly magel phr drop a stitch

magel f maglow stitch (knitting)

magel adhyhow f maglow knit stitch

magel aglêdh f maglow purl stitch

nedha spin

ros nedha f rosow spinning wheel

sampler m samplers sampler


airêwnans ‖ air-conditioning

airêwnor ‖ m airêwnoryon ‖ air-conditioner

airlebyor ‖ m airlebyoryon ‖ humidifier

airsehador ‖ m airsehadoryon ‖ dehumidifier

an benbîbel the main (water)

cappa pris nerth energy price cap

cappa sugna m cappys plunger (for clearing drain)

carthpoll ‖ m carthpollow ‖ cesspit, cesspool

clavel f clavellys mantelpiece

côk coke

côlyn [bew] m côlys [live] coal

côlyn marow m côlys cinder

cowethas dowr f cowethasow water company

creundobmer ‖ m creundomeryow  storage heater

cûgh m cûhow cowl (of stove)

cunor tan m cunoryon firelighter

dowr vystyon waste water

dowrargh f dowrarhow  cistern

enesegyans insulation

forn etewy f fornow wood-burning stove, wood burner

forn tobma f fornow domestic boiler

fylgethek adj sooty

geothermek adj geothermal

gevel tan f gevelyow fire tongs

glow cales anthracite

glow coos charcoal

glow dor (glow poll) coal

glow mon slack

glus stanchya sealant

golosk tinder

golow dysqwedhyans m golowys pilot light

gwelen tan f gwelyny poker

gwynsel tobma f gwynsellow fan / blow heater

hern tan pl fire irons

jynweyth ‖ tedna dowr flush mechanism

ke olas m keow fender (hearth)

kelorn glow (trog glow) m kelornow coal scuttle

mailyas pîbellow lagging (on pipes)

megynow pl bellows

musurel gass f musuellow gas meter

musurel ragtalas f musurellow prepayment meter

musurel skentyl f musurellow smart meter

musurel tredan f musurellow electricity meter

oyl cunys fuel oil, heating oil

pib fednans f pîbow overflow [pipe]

pîbednow (pibweyth) plumbing

pÎben golghyon pÎbednow discharge / waste pipe

pùmp tomder pùmpys heat pump

scor effethter nerth m scôrys energy efficiency rating

skethen anowy f skethednow spill (for lighting)

sqwychel termyn f sqwychellow time switch

tan tredan m tanow electric fire (old-style)

tanen f tanednow spark (from fire)

tanvaglen f tanvaglednow ‖ grate

tap ha canel phr stop-cock

tap pellen m tappys ball-cock

testscrif effecsyon nerth m testscrîvyow ‖ energy performance certificate (EPC)

thermostat m thermostatow thermostat 

tobmer budhys m tomeryow immersion heater

tobmer darwaya m tomeryow convection heater

tobmer dowr tomeryow water heater, geyser

tobmer dystak m tomeryow stand-alone radiator


an bednwyver the mains (electricity)

an Roosweyth Kenedhlek the National Grid

bollen halogen f bolednow halogen bulb

capel istyn liesebyl m caplys multi-plug extension cable

chandelêr (coltrebyn crog) m chandelêrs chandelier

cunyjyth m cunyjydhyon fuel cell

denethor m denethoryon generator

flùorwolow m golowys fluorescent light

fros dydro direct current (DC)

fros eylyansus alternating current (AC)

diôd dylla golow m diôdow light-emitting diode (LED)

golow hirgul m golowys strip light

golow nenskyl m golowys recessed light, downlight

golowyans lighting

gwynsva wàr an mor phr offshore wind farm

gwynsva wàr an tir phr onshore wind farm

in euryow le fysky phr off-peak

lînen dir f lînednow tir landline

neonwolow ‖ m golowys neon light

panel howlek m panellow solar panel

scochkelgh ‖ m scochkelhow ‖ short circuit

scochkelha ‖ short-circuit intr

scudel loren f scudellow satellite dish

sensour (tavor) m sensours sensor, detector

solenoyd m solenoydow solenoid

sqwychel tewlhe f sqwychellow dimmer switch

sqwychel trebuchya f sqwychellow trip switch

tedherygva f tedherygvaow fuse box

tedheryk m tedherygow fuse

torrva (dyfygyans) tredan f power cut, blackout

tredanva gass f tredanvaow gas-fired power station

tredanva glow f tredanvaow coal-fired power station

tredanva sprusek (atomva) f tredanvaow nuclear power station

tùrbîn gwyns m tùrbînyow wind turbine


amal losowek m emlow herbaceous border

avalednek (aval-lon ) f avalenegow orchard (apples)

basket crog m baskettys hanging basket

bath ÿdhyn m bathys bird bath

blejyowek f blejyowegow flower bed

boosor ÿdhyn m boosoryon bird feeder

chair plegya (cader heblek) m chairys folding chair

cletherweyth ‖ trellis[work]

corryk lowarth m corrygow garden gnome

dor meur y bry (dor poos) clayey soil

dor meur y dewas (dor scav) sandy soil

dor meur y weras rich soil

dowrhe water

erber (erbyer) m erbers kitchen garden

flûrweyth ‖ m decking

frûtwëdh ‖ col frûtwedhen ‖ fruit trees

goskejwyth col bower

gwederjy (losowjy ) m gwederjiow ‖ greenhouse, glasshouse; conservatory

gwely crog m gweliow hammock

gwely lesk m gweliow swing seat

gweras (dêlbry ) humus; humus-rich soil

gweras scavellow mushroom compost

impyans m impyansow graft

jarn frûtys m jarns orchard

lawns m lawnjyow lawn

lo balas f loyow palas trowel

lôm loam

lowarthorieth horticulture

marl marl

meynyk m meynygow small stone

overdevys adj overgrown

patyô m patyôs patio

peulge m peulgeow ‖ fence

pib dowr m pîbow hose[pipe]

pot flour m pottow flowerpot

pot plansa m pottow tub

prysklowek ‖ f prysklowegow ‖ shrubbery

pùb-bledhednek ‖ adj/m pùb-bledhenegyon ‖ perennial

rolyor m rolyoryon roller

roos gwyver wire netting

scobmow men pl [stone] chippings

scobmow predn pl [wood] chippings

styken f stykednow stake

teyla fertilize

teyla bas phr mulch verb

teylans fertilizer

teylans bas mulch

teylans creftus artificial fertilizer

teylek f teylegow compost heap

tobmer patyô m tomeryow patio heater

togweyth topiary

tomjy m tomjiow hothouse

trog plansa f trogow planter

whedn col whednen (whadnel) weeds

whedna weed

whednladhor ‖ weedkiller

whenogel f whenoglow hoe

7-M  DIY

bord estyll m bordys trestle table

creftow chy pl do-it-yourself (DIY)

creosôt creosote

cyment gweder putty

gevel vian f gevelyow pliers

glanheor scubylen brush cleaner

glenyas adhesive

gorlus superglue

gorlusa superglue

gris m grîsys rung (ladder)

growt grout

growtya grout

growtyans grouting

gwyras wydn white spirit

gwyscas m gwyscosow coat (paint etc)

iswyscas m iswyscosow undercoat (paint etc)

lanwas filler

mynk whel f myncow workbench

paper emery emery paper

paper grow (tewesy) sandpaper

serieth carpentry

trestel m trestlys trestle

vernys varnish


bùssa large jar (historically, for salting)

camfor camphor (historical)

cunyjek f cunyjegow wood store

gwask dyllas clothes press

gwithty glow m gwithtiow coal store

in pedn an chy phr in the roof

ispadna  line (drawer etc)

pelheor gowdhanas moth repellent

sten m stênys earthenware jar

tregyn m tregydnow small drawer, compartment (jewellery box etc)


anwyw avell trigva mab den phr unfit for human habitation

bond gwethyn (funen wethyn) bondys elastic / rubber band 

bûben f bûbednow wick

bystyon pl slops

cellofên cellophane

daffar horn ironmongery, hardware

ewonel kelyon f ewonellow fly spray

fardellans packaging

gwel (gwelweyth) col wicker; rattan (loosely)

gwynsel f gwynsellow fan

hanafer m hanafers hamper

howllen ‖ f howlednow ‖ sunshade

kevalaf chy equity (in mortgaged home)

lusewegyn m lusewegydnow ashtray

maghteth chy f meghtythyon housemaid

maghteth kegyn meghtythyon kitchen maid

maghteth parleth meghtythyon parlour maid

manbluv col fluff

nackyn paper m nackyns tissue (for nose etc)

paper kelyon fly paper

paper owrlyn tissue paper (for wrapping etc)

podyk tôby m podygow Toby jug

porslen porcelain, bone china

pryweyth ‖ pottery

scryf scraf phr odds and ends

scryp atorny m scryppys [lawyer's] briefcase

scryp cadnas m scryppys attaché case

scryp lewyador m scryppys pilot's case

sketh wor'wheth m skethow draught excluder

skeul an berhenieth phr property ladder

sprynga m spryngys spring (device)

tiegedhor m tiegedhoryon householder

tiegeth housekeeping

towellyk glëb m towelygow wet wipe

vern gales lacquer

versel m verselow ferrule

wàr an clycket (cacha) phr on the latch

whel chy m whelyow housework

wrappya wrap

wrappyans wrapping

wrappyans bothlek bubble wrap



aparell gear, equipment

assembla assemble, put together

dysassembla disassemble, take apart


alwheth know m alwhedhow spanner, wrench

anwan m anwonow anvil

bolta m boltys bolt

bùshcollan ‖ f bùshcollanow ‖ machete

byns vice

casek f casygy hod

collel falja f kellyl cleaver

corbel m corblys bracket

foret m foretys drill bit

gedn m gednow chisel; wedge

gedna chisel; wedge (sth)

gorthkenter (ryvet) ‖ f gorthkentrow  rivet

gorthkentrewy (ryvettya) ‖ rivet

hackhesken ‖ f hackheskednow  hacksaw

hesken grèn f heskednow crèn circular saw

hesken dreus f heskednow treus cross-cut saw

hesken denon f heskednow tenon tenon saw

hornorieth ironmongery

jack m jackow jack (lifting device)

jackya jack [up]

kelhyn m kelhydnow washer

kestedha weld

level gwyras m levelyow spirit level

lorgh horn m lorhow crowbar

megynow pl bellows

menowes m menowesow awl

morben (morthol predn) m morbednow mallet

neujen screw screw thread

pib whetha f pîbow blowpipe

plain m plainys plane (carpentry)

plainya plane

pyck m pyckys pick[axe]

pygal f pygolow hoe, mattock

pygellas hoe

plebmyk m plemygow plumb-line

pynsor m pynsoryon pincers, pliers

screw dyben m screwys grub screw

screw gorthsedhys (gwastas) m screwys countersunk screw

screw pedn crowsys m screwys Phillips screw

screw pedn slot m screwys slotted screw

screwya screw

slodya m slodyes sledge-hammer

soder solder

sodra solder

stanchyn m stanchydnow gasket

scysours pl scissors

tardar tro (fîrat) m terder brace-and-bit


airbosor ‖ m airbosoryon  barometer

autoclav m autoclavow autoclave

autoclavya v autoclave

camva dro f camvaow tro turnstile

corn skentyl m kern smartspeaker

cresfoesyk  m cresfoesygow  centrifuge

frêgel f frêgellow shredder

gwaskel f gwaskellow compressor

helerghyas m helerhysy tracking device

helerghyas gow m helerhysy lie detector, polygraph

ink polter toner

jyn posa m jynys weighing machine

melyn dreys f melynyow treys treadmill

môtor m môtors motor

musurel Geiger f musurellow Geiger counter

musurel golow f musurellow light meter

musurel kerdhes f musurellow pedometer

musurel termyn (amserador) f musurellow chronometer

nywlgorn ‖ m nywlgern  foghorn

poyntyth m poyntydhyon pointer

pyston m pystons piston

sensour olcan m sensours metal detector

styfel f styfellow sprinkler (fire, lawn)

styllel f styllellow still

theodolît m theodolîtow theodolyte


ardar ergh m erder snowplough

derryck m derrycks derrick

forghlyftyor ‖ m forghlyftyoryon ‖ forklift truck

forn lim f fornow lime kiln

fornys whetha f fornycyow blast furnace

gwyns f gwyncys winch

jyn crâna cùntell frûtys m jynys cherry-picker

jyn hâlya m jynys hoist

jyn palas m jynys digger, excavator

jyn rolya m jynys steamroller

kern f kernyow hopper

palet m palettys pallet

powerjy ‖ m powerjiow ‖ powerhouse (incl figuratively)

rôsla cramyas caterpillar tracks

soler oyl m soleryow oil rig

sùmp m sùmpys sump

tarow dur m terewy bulldozer

tedhla (tedhva, chy tedha) m tedhleow foundry

tedhor m tedhoryon smelter (also foundryman)

tùrbîn m tùrbînyow turbine

whêlros ‖ f whêlrosow  fly-wheel


dînamît dynamite

dîsel diesel

dyblom adj unleaded

dygarbonegyans decarbonization

faclen f faclednow torch

facly flame

fûs m fûsys fuse

gorloskel f gorloskellow incinerator

gorvok carbon carbon emission(s)

helerghyas mog m helerhysy smoke detector

jelygnît gelignite

jyn loskvan aberveth m jynys internal combustion engine

loscor Bunsen (bùnsen) m loscoryon Bunsen burner

loscor gwyras m loscoryon spirit burner / lamp

loskvan combustion


tardhor m tardhoryon detonator

towlor flàm m towloryon flame thrower


canel dowr m canellys hydrant

cawn m cawnow trough

condyt m condytys conduit

cuva m cuvys tub

hydraulek adj hydraulic

keryn f kerynyow tub, vat

pypet m pypettys pipette

shûta m shûtys chute

tedhlester ‖ m tedhlestry  crucible, melting-pot (incl figuratively)

ùrnal m ùrnals urinal


See 39 WAR for modern armaments

barel m barellys barrel (of gun)

bûmerang m bûmerangow boomerang

cartryjen f cartyjednow cartridge

cûlbren ‖ m cûlbrednyer ‖ cudgel, cosh

culgledha ‖ m culgledhydhyow ‖ rapier

dagyer m dagyers dagger

fustwarak ‖ (arblast) f fustwaregow  crossbow

godn clamdera m godnys stun gun

godn hir m godnys rifle

goon f gonow sheath, scabbard; quiver

guw m guwyow spear, javelin

morwuw ‖ m morwuwyow ‖ harpoon

pib whetha f pîbow blowpipe

pystol m pystolow pistol

pystol tro m pystolow revolver

sqwych sawder m sqwychys safety catch

taser m taseryow taser

taserya taser


anôd m anôdow anode

begh re overload

beghya re phr overload verb

capel keseghlek m caplys coaxial cable

cathôd m cathôdow cathode

clethren luhes f clethrednow lightning conductor

diôd m diôdow diode

dora earth

dynamô m dynamôs dynamo

dyberthva kelgh f dyberthvaow circuit breaker

electrôd m electrôdow electrode

flahel f flahellow flashlamp

gavelador (encrunyor) m gaveladoryon capacitor, condenser

golow whelas m golowys searchlight

gorlenwel overcharge

gorvegh gorvehow overload

gwyvrans wiring

hanter-hùmbrynkyas ‖ m hanter-hùmbrynkysy ‖ semiconductor

hydrô-tredanek adj hydro-electric

jàg tredan m jaggys electric shock

livwolow ‖ m livwolowys  floodlight

lûmen m lûmenow lumen: reposition eventually to 17-B Measurement

pantograf m pantografow pantograph

pednyn m penydnow terminal

resystor m resystoryon resistor

spotwolow ‖ m spotwolowys  spotlight

transystor m transystoryon transistor

tredanhe electrify

volteth m voltedhow voltage


airlorgh m airlorhow ‖ aerial, antenna

astell sqwychya f estyll switchboard

cabester clôwes m cabestrow audio induction loop

clôsya zoom in

clôwel f clowellow hearing-aid 

corn gwarnya m kern siren

corrwelor ‖ m corrweloryon ‖ microscope 

crior m crioryon loudspeaker

degemeryth m degemerydhyon receiver

fônya (orth) [tele]phone

gweder whedhy m gwedrow magnifying glass

gwedryk m gwedrygow lens

gwedryk elyn ledan m gwedrygow wide-angle lens

hirder fôcal focal length

intercom m intercomow intercom

jyn projectya m jynys projector

mycroscôp ‖ m mycroscôpow  microscope

peryscôp ‖ m peryscôpow  periscope

projectour m projectours projector

projectya project

radar radar

scrin plasma m scrînyow plasma screen

sonar sonar

sonwhethfyor ‖ m sonwhethfyoryon  amplifier

stîlùs m stîlùsow stilus

tônyor m tônyoryon tuner

trovord m trovordys ‖ turntable

ugh-projectour ‖ m ugh-projectours ‖ overhead projector

8-J  ICT

amowntyorva f amowntyorvaow terminal

bùffra buffer

bysya stroke (screen, touchpad)

capel êtherroos ‖ m caplys ethernet cable

copy scodhya m copiow back-up [copy]

cov hapkergh ‖ random access memory (RAM)

cov redya only phr read only memory (ROM)

cùky m cùkys cookie

dyffresyas scrin m dyffresysy screen saver

dyghtyans manylyon data processing

dyvrewyona defragment

eylya tys ha tas phr toggle

fîber-optyk ‖ adj fibre-optic

gwelen ÛSB f gwelyny USB stick

helerghyas m helerhysy tracker

jyn sarchya v jynys search engine

kelscrefans ‖ encryption

manylek f manylegow database

nowedhyans m nowedhyansow update (software)

omhevellor neyja m omhevelloryon flight simulator

panel rêwlya m panellow control panel, dashboard, console

poryth m porydhyon browser

scoos gorthvîrekm scojow antivirus protection

pad tava m paddys touchpad

scrin tava m scrînyow touchscreen

skians creftus artificial intelligence (AI)


alarm ladron burglar alarm

alarm sawder corf rape alarm

alarm tan fire alarm

astell cres f estyll centreboard

bahow predn pl stilts

baneryk (penon) m banerygow pennant; pl bunting

brenyansow instructions

cabmek (cans) m camegow rim (of wheel)

carhara fetter, shackle; handcuff

carharow dêwla pl handcuffs

corn tan m kern tinder-box

crenyth m crenydhyon vibrator

êhelbynm êhelbydnow ‖ linchpin (incl figuratively)

floren kesnyver f florednow combination lock

lappa m lappys flap

men prov m meyn touchstone (incl figuratively)

pêklen f pêklednow tarpaulin

ros lovan f rosow pulley

sparyon (darnow parys) pl spare parts

tednven ‖ m tednveyn ‖ magnet



amalven m amalveyn ‖ kerb stone

astell argemydnow f estyll advertising hoarding

beggyer (begger) m beggyers beggar

bollard m bolardys bollard

camera diogeleth m cameras security camera

golowbren Belisha ‖ m golowbrednyer ‖ Belisha beacon

gorher toll whythrans m gorheryow manhole cover

gortos dyfednys phr no waiting

hens dywrosow m hensy cycle lane

kenen camera diogeleth security camera footage

kerdhva f kerdhvaow promenade; walkway

kew f kewyow close

leghven ‖ m leghveyn ‖ paving stone

men cauns m meyn cobble[stone]

plain an varhas m plainys market-place, market square

post kevarweth m postow signpost

qwartron kerdhoryon m qwartronys pedestrian zone

rôsva dywrosow f rôsvaow cycle path

treusva kerdhoryon f treusvaow pedestrian crossing

treusva labol f treusvaow zebra crossing

warden trafyk m wardens traffic warden


dyhensas rag tro m dyhensasow temporary diversion

fordh entra f fordhow entrance, way in

fordh in mes f fordhow exit, way out

hens dall m hensy cul-de-sac

kelghfordh f kelghfordhow ring road

kevreth udnlergh ‖ f kevrethyow one-way system

pêmont daromdak m pêmons congestion charge

qwartron gorvok tanow pur qwartronys ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ)

qwartron gorvok tanow qwartronys low emission zone (LEZ)

qwartron parkya strothys m qwartronys restricted parking area

strêt udnlergh ‖ m strêtys one-way street


ap parkya m appyow parking app

carrgew ‖ f carrgewyow ‖ car park (small, usually private)

carrsav ‖ m carrsavow ‖ parking space

dywlînen velen du double yellow lines

jyn pê parkyans m jynys car parking machine 

parkya dyfednys phr no parking

parkyans rag evredhyon disabled parking

pê ha dysqwa phr pay and display

spal parkya m spalyow parking fine

warden parkyans m wardens parking warden


airel f airellow ventilator

alê (rôsva in dadn do) m alês arcade

alê dydhana (alê jynys gwary) m alês amusement arcade

alusenjy m alusenjiow ‖ almshouse

argh gass m arhow gasometer

block sodhvaow m blockys office block

bùrjesty ‖ (audyans, lÿs an dre, merjy , trevlÿs ) m bùrjestiow town hall

byldyans (derevyans, drehevyans) byldyansow building, construction

byldyans fram predn m byldyansow half-timbered building

byldyans ranjiow m byldyansow block of flats

byldyans sodhvaow m byldyansow office building

canaseth m canasedhow embassy

chy coynach m treven coynach coinage hall

chy parys m treven prefab

craghvyldys ‖ adj jerry-built

cresen cùssulya cytysans f cresednow citizens advice bureau

covep gwerryans f covebow war memorial

cresen kemeneth f cresednow community centre

cresen termyn syger f cresednow leisure centre

cresen whel f cresednow job centre

cromdo cromdohow  dome

culyak gwyns m culyogas weather vane

fosscrif m fosscrîvyow ‖ graffiti

golghty omservys m golghtiow  launderette

gorheras cladding

gorsaf (stacyon) creslu m gorsavow police station 

gorsaf dyfudhy m gorsavow fire station

mansyon m mansyons mansion

merjy m merjiow town hall

oberjym oberjiow ‖ workhouse (historical)

owravalvaf owravalvaow ‖ orangery

penserneth architecture

peswarcorn m peswarkern  quadrangle

plack m plackys plaque

porthorjy m porthorjiow ‖ gatehouse, porter's lodge

pùnyon m pùnyons gable

pynakyl m pynaclys pinnacle

sal m salys hall

scoljy m scoljiow ‖ schoolhouse

scovva pellgôwsor f scovvaow phone box

sodhva covscrefa f sodhvaow registry office

tâlva (peryment) f tâlvaow pediment

termynva (byldyans pedn hens) m termynvaow terminal (airport etc)

tour anedhy tourow tower block (residential)

tour an clock m tourow clock tower

tour ebron m tourow skyscraper

tour-dherevyans ‖ m  tour-dherevyansow  tower block

touryk m tourygow turret

tre scovvaow f trevow shanty town


bùtres neyjys m bùtressys flying buttress

cloghty m cloghtiow belfry

gargoul m gargoulys gargoyle

kesson clegh m kessonyow peal

men bedh m meyn gravestone, tombstone

mondour m mondourow spire

pronterjy m pronterjiow ‖ rectory; vicarage

yet corflan ‖ m yettys lychgate


asclasva f asclasvaow chipshop, chippie

blejednor m blejenoryon florist['s]

bûtyk m bûtygow boutique

bûtyk carnal m bûtygow sex shop

cavarn Nadelyk m Santa's grotto

cresen lowarthoryon f cresednow garden centre

cresen prenassa (marhasva, shopva) f cresednow shopping centre

dylasor m dylasoryon clothier['s], outfitter['s]

encledhyor m encledhyoryon undertaker['s]

êwnor eskyjyow m êwnoryon shoe repairer['s], cobbler['s]

golytty (shoppa golythyon) m golytiow steakhouse;  chop-house (historical)

golytty Tùrkek (shoppa golythyon Tùrkek) m golytiow kebab-house

gwerthor backa m gwerthoryon tobacconist['s]

gwerthor losow m gwerthoryon greengrocer['s]

gwerthor warrantys m gwerthoryon dealer[ship] (cars etc)

gwycor strêt m gwycoryon street trader / vendor

jeweler m jewelers jeweller['s]

kerior m kerioryon cobbler['s], bootmaker['s]

kigor m kigoryon butcher['s]

kigva f kigvaow butcher's

mainor morgajys m mainoryon mortgage broker['s]

mainor rentya m mainoryon letting agent['s]

mainor treven m mainoryon estate agent['s]

okerva f okervaow pawnbroker's

parleth (salon) afînans m parledhow beauty salon

parleth (salon) blew m parledhow hair salon

parleth corflywa ‖ m parledhow tattoo parlour

parleth encledhyas m parledhow funeral parlour

parleth (salon) ewynas m parledhow nail salon

parleth howl m parledhow tanning parlour

plâss manwertha m plâssyow retail outlet, retailer

popty m poptiow bakery, baker's

pytsava f pytsavaow pizza outlet / parlour

rom showya m rômys showroom

sëgh-glanheor m sëgh-glanheoryon ‖ dry-cleaner['s]

shoppa adradnow m shoppys department store

shoppa boos leun m shoppys health food shop

shoppa breghtanow m shoppys sandwich shop

shoppa cheryta m shoppys charity shop

shoppa comodyta m shoppys convenience store

shoppa creftow chy shoppys DIY store

shoppa daffar horn m shoppys hardware store, ironmonger's

shoppa dyllas m shoppys clothes shop

shoppa dyllas brâs m shoppys outsize shop

shoppa dyscowntys m shoppys discount store

shoppa eskyjyow m shoppys shoe shop

shoppa fassyon m shoppys boutique

shoppa gwystla m shoppys betting shop

shoppa ilow m shoppys music store

shoppa kerdhfônow m shoppys mobile phone shop

shoppa lyfryow m shoppys bookshop

shoppa mebyl m shoppys furniture shop

shoppa pastys shoppys pie shop

shoppa pëth chy m shoppys homeware shop

shoppa platednow m shoppys record store

shoppa qwyck hag uskys phr convenience store

shoppa vêpys m shoppys vape shop 

shoppa whegow m shoppys sweet shop

trehor alwhedhow m trehoryon key cutter


Adran Towledna f Adradnow Planning Department

an godrevy pl the outskirts (of town)

cowethas anedhyans f cowethasow housing association

cubmyas trevna m cumyasow planning permission

dastenythyans trevek urban regeneration

grugys gwer m grugysow green belt

grugysegy zone

grugysegyans zoning

mestre ‖ f mestrevow ‖ suburb; pl suburbia

mestrevek ‖ adj suburban

park treven (trevbark, trevenva) m parcow housing estate

tir gwel gell brownfield land

treven socyal pl social housing

tyller in gwel gwer phr green field site


An Arlodhes Mêres The Lady Mayoress

An Arlùth Mer m The Lord Mayor

bùrjesedhek adj municipal

bùrjeseth m bùrjesedhow municipality

bùrjestra f bùrjestrevow borough

fardel drogdybys ‖ m fardellow suspect package

gorvok fumes, emissions

henavak m henavogyon alderman

mer m mêras mayor

mêres f mêresow mayoress

mognywl smog

qwartron golowys rudh m qwartronys red light district

Scrifwas an Dre Town Clerk

trevek adj urban

trewedh ‖ f trewedhow  townscape, cityscape



fâss an pow phr lie of the land

keyndir ‖ m keyndiryow ‖ hinterland Also background (figuratively)

randir a les sciensek arbednyk phr area of special scientific interest

randir a veurdecter naturek phr area of outstanding natural beauty

tirwedh f tirwedhow ‖ landscape


adyt m adyts adit

bròn (born) m bronyow (bronyon) hill

bryn m brynyow hill

cadon range (mountains)

clegerek adj craggy

clog f clogow crag

crackya codna phr sheer, precipitous

crugel f crugellow little mound

drum (trum) m drumyow ridge, hogsback

esker f eskeryow spur

glyn m glydnow glen

gobans (golans) m gobansow dingle

godolgh m godolhow tump

golowva f golowvaow beacon

keynans m keynansow ravine, gorge

lamleder ‖ f lamledrow ‖ lover's leap, precipice 

menedhek adj hilly; mountainous

menettir wold(s)

mùjoven f mùjovednow ridge, hilltop

nans m nansow valley

nans ha bryn phr undulating country

pans m pansow hollow, dingle

qwarry quarry

rajel scree

run m runyow hillside, slope

runen f runednow hillock

sëghnans ‖ m sëghnansow ‖ dry gully

teno(tnow) m tenwyn vale, dale

tirnans land in a valley

tolgh m tolhow hillock


buthyn m buthynow meadow

dol f dolow water meadow The sense is any valley land that is susceptible to flooding

glasen f glasednow green space

glaswels col growing grass, pasture

gûnran f gûnradnow ‖ moorland part of a parish

hal f hallow moor[land]

ros f rosyow heath, moor[land]

rosvro ‖ heathland

stras m strâsow low-lying ground, level

tireth parcow parkland

todn m & f todnyow grassland


argos m argosow wooded area

cardhen (brâk) f cardhednow brake, thicket

caswyth (cajwyth) thicket

cooswyk f cooswygow wood[land], forest

cosek adj wooded

dasforestyans reafforestation

dreyngoos ‖ thorny woodland

dreysek f dreysegow bramble brake

dyforestyans deforestation

forest m forestys forest

forstor m forstoryon forester

glasans foliage

glasneth (glasny) greenery

glasyjyon m grass

glawgoos ‖ (forest glaw) m glawgosow ‖ rainforest

henargos ‖ m henargosow ‖ primaeval forest

in dadn wëdh phr wooded, forested

kelly (kelhy) f keliow (kelhiow) holt, copse, coppice; grove

kelywyk f kelywygow grove

lanergh m lanerhy glade, clearing; grove

lon m lonow bushes; grove

lonak adj bushy

pow coos woodland(s)

prysk col prysken shrubs

pryskel prysclow undergrowth

prysklowek ‖ f prysklowegow ‖ scrubland

tewgoos ‖ dense woodland


cores f coresow weir

creun m creunyow reservoir

creun melyn m creunyow mill pond

daras dowr m darajow sluice

dowr marow stagnant water

dowrek f dowregow wetland

enesyk f enesygow islet

gover melyn m goverow mill stream

goveryk m goverygow rill

gûn glas the sea

gwely an dowr phr riverbed

hens hâlya m hensy towpath

isawan ‖ f isawenow ‖ tributary

kendevryon (aber) pl confluence

keynres ‖ brook, torrent (on hillside)

labmfros ‖ m lamfrosow cascade

lock m lockys lock (canal)

merdhowr ‖ backwater (incl figuratively)

penstrem mainstream (incl figuratively)

reverthy flood tide; torrent

sarn f sarnow stepping-stones


arvorek adj coastal

back m backys breakwater

bùliek f bùliegow shingle [beach]

corn dowr m kernow creek

delta m deltas delta

dor sëgh dry land 

fyord m fyordow fjord

groyn m groynys groyne

morbleg ‖ m morblegow ‖ gulf

morek adj marine, maritime

morfos ‖ f morfosow ‖ sea wall

morlînen ‖ coastline

morrep coastland, seaboard

morva shore (especially salt marsh); seaside

morwedh ‖ f morwedhow ‖ seascape

penarth m penarthow headland

penryn m penrynyow cape, ness, naze

pentir m pentiryow promontory 

pleg mor m plegow bay, bight

serthâls  f serthâlsyow ‖ sheer cliff


arsellva f arsellvaow belvedere, gazebo

banken f bankednow bank, dyke

cromlegh ‖ f cromlehow ‖ dolmen

dauns meyn m dauncyow megalithic stone circle

din m dînyon hill-fort

dorgê m dorgeow earthwork

foly folly

ke meyn m keow [dry] stone wall

magor f magoryow old wall; pl ruins

manerjy ‖ m manerjiow ‖ manor house

men hir m meyn menhir

pîlon m pîlons pylon

tobmen f tomednow embankment, dyke, dam

tollven m tollveyn ‖ holed stone

trap m trappys stile

trap a veyn phr stone stile